Savings tips when staying in holiday homes

Savings tips when staying in holiday homes

When you book a holiday home from Sol og Strand, you will pay a deposit that covers the average consumption of your stay. However, no two stays are the same, and the consumption will also differ. Therefore, we have compiled some good advice and savings tips, which you can benefit from keeping in mind when staying at the holiday home.

Don’t let the warmth out 
Make sure to keep windows/doors properly closed so as to keep the warmth from escaping into the cold outdoors. 

At the same time, you can benefit from drawing the curtains/blinds after dark for even more insulation.
On the flip side, it is a good idea to open the curtains/blinds during the day and let the light and warmth in through the window panes.

It is also a good idea to set the temperature to the same level in every room of the holiday home. And rooms that are not used or which you prefer to keep at a cooler temperature should be closed off.

Classic savings tips for water
You can save considerably by minimising water usage in general, particularly when it comes to hot water. This way, you save both on water and heating, which will have a clear impact on your consumption bill.

Use the cheapest heating source
If the holiday home has a fireplace, it is a good idea to cosy up next to a fire, with blankets and hot chocolate, and to supplement the heating this way rather than using more expensive heating sources.

No-load current is a waste of money
The following advice is for everyone: Everything that is not being used should be shut off at the power outlet. Even if you turn off lamps, the TV, gaming consoles, etc. they will still impact the electricity bill since the electronics continue to use no-load current unless turned off at the power outlet.

Turn it down and fill it up
Clothes can actually be washed clean at 20 degrees Celsius, and similarly, programs with lower temperatures for dishwashers can also get the job done. In addition, make sure to fill up the washing machine and dishwasher all the way so as to only run them as often as strictly necessary.

Savings tips for the pool/spa
Make sure to cover the pool/spa when not in use. In addition, we recommend that the door to the pool area is kept shut.

Important: If, for example, you discover that the tap or the toilet is dripping when you are at the holiday home, contact the local office and inform them right away. This way the matter can be resolved quickly.

You can find the contact information for the local office here.