Holiday in a holiday home with extra security insurance

In 2015, Sol og Strand has added extra cancellation insurance and home insurance to the rental conditions - we call it our security insurance. We have chosen to introduce this, contrary to most others in our line of business. We would like to give you a holiday, where you know that you are in extra safe hands, of course without any extra costs on your behalf. With our security insurance you will be extra safe, both before, during, and after your stay. Sol og Strand co-operates with the very experienced travel insurance company, Tryg Forsikring, who are also very experienced with travel insurance.

Cancellation insurance

Our new cancellation insurance covers you even better if you, contrary to expectation, have to cancel your holiday due to the following circumstances:

  • Death
  • Severe acute disease or injury
  • Acute worsening of an existing condition (is only applicable if the condition has not worsened in the last three months).
  • Significant damage of property in consequence of fire, natural incidents, or vandalism
  • Unexpected dismissal from full-time job
  • Initiation of a new job, in case the person was out of work, when he/she booked the stay, and the employment agency has approved the tenancy
  • Vaccination intolerance
  • Pregnancy occurred in the insurance period

If you cannot go through with your holiday because of the above circumstances, the security insurance will cover your cancellation costs. If you have to start you holiday on a later date or interrupt your holiday unexpectedly, the insurance will also cover the unused days of your holiday.

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Home insurance

During your stay in the holiday home you have a home insurance, which will cover in case you unintentional should break some of the furniture or appliances of the holiday home. Fixtures, such as window glass, wash-, whirlpool-, and bathtub basins are covered separately with the extra security insurance Sol og Strand has introduced.

You are in safe hands

We hope to meet your expectations and give you an even better holiday with these new insurance initiatives. With our security insurance, we make sure that you can enjoy your holiday, relax and spend time together knowing that we are ready to help, if something does not go the way it was meant to. It is important to emphasise that the security insurance is free of charge for you - it is, of course, included in the rent.

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In addition, we refer to our rental conditions, which you will find here and we wish you a pleasant stay in your holiday home.


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