Doctor/medical care

Doctor/medical care

Illness and accidents in Denmark

In case you fall ill during your holiday, and it is possible for you to turn to a doctor, please read the following.

Between 8 am and 16 pm you can usually reach a local doctor. Please try this at first and it is a good idea if you make an appointment in advance by telephone. You can find the address of the nearest doctor in the holiday home or you can ask at your service office.

Between 16 pm and 8 am on weekdays as well as on Saturdays, Sundays and bank holidays you can call the local doctor. He will often be on call and able to tell you who to contact or which hospital you can go.

You can find the correct telephone number for the duty doctor, which belongs to your holiday region 



Do not go to a hospital on your own as not all hospitals in Denmark has an emergency room.