Burning ban

Take good care of nature when it's dry

We have again this year had many weeks of sunshine. Therefore, it's good to take care of each other and nature, so you can enjoy the good weather.

When it has been dry for a long time, the local authorities have the ability to impose a burning ban. Normally, it is up to the local fire department to decide if a ban should be imposed.


Check if there is a burning ban where you live

Check if there's a burning ban in the municipality where your summer house is located on this website:


Please note, the website is only in Danish, but there is a visual map of Denmark where you can locate the municipality where your summer house is located.

In municipalities that are colored red, a burning ban has been imposed. Click on the map on the individual municipality to read more.


Examples of restrictions during a burning ban
When a burning ban is imposed, it results in a number of restrictions on the use of open fire outdoors.

The fire ban means, among other things, that it is not allowed to:
• Use a charcoal grill
• Use all forms of grills outside your own/private property with residential buildings
• Smoke in nature
• Light fires and use open fire outdoors
• Use devices/objects that create sparks, embers, or flames outdoors

The list is not exhaustive as burning bans can vary, so you should always check what applies where you are.


General good advice - avoid fire in nature
• Be aware of local or permanent bans on burning or use of open fire
• Use designated places if you are going to light a fire or grill in nature
• Always keep a distance to vegetation
• Never leave a fire or a grill that is not completely extinguished
• Only use open fire in calm weather
• Always have water nearby when using open fire
• Use tobacco, machines, and electric tools with caution – a few sparks can start a fire
• Do not leave glass out in the sun in the dry vegetation
• Never park your car in high dry vegetation
• Call the emergency center at phone number 112 if an accident occurs