Pets are allowed if it appears from the house presentation. Equally, it is stated how many pets you are allowed to bring (1, 2 or more). If you bring pets along, an additional fee will be charged per tenancy. The size of the fee appears from the house presentations and the tenancy agreement. The individual holiday guest is responsible for any scratches and stains on floor, furniture etc. We ask for your understanding that the holiday home MUST be cleaned of dog/cat hair and any remains left on the property by the pets, before departure - even if final cleaning has been ordered.

Don't leave the dog and/or cat alone in the holiday home. Usually, dogs are allowed on the beach if it is kept on a leash, according to Danish regulations. The dog must also be kept on a leash on the site out of consideration for your neighbours.

If our employees, such as a service technician or cleaning staff, need to enter the house, your dog must not roam freely. It must either be on a leash or kept in a room while we are in the house, otherwise we unfortunately cannot perform our work.

When you bring dogs, cats or ferrets into the EU, the animals must have a pet passport, documenting that the animals have been inoculated against rabies. Furthermore, the pet must be identifiable by means of a chip. In order to obtain the pet passport, the pet must be inoculated no later than 3 weeks prior to your arrival in Denmark. Please check the rules regarding departure to Denmark and arrival to your home country when you travel with a dog or cat.

13 dog breeds are prohibited in Denmark. The prohibition also applies to you, who wish to bring the dog along on your holiday. Please contact the Danish embassy for more information.