Rental conditions

Valid from January 2023

1. Rental contract/rental agreement
The rental contract is an agency agreement that regulates the rental of the booked holiday home. The rented holiday home is not owned by Sol og Strand Feriehusudlejning A/S (hereafter referred to as Sol og Strand), but by a third party. The agreement is made directly between the renter and Sol og Strand but it is on behalf of the owner. The agreement is binding. The rental agreement covers the named holiday home and all of the accessories that are stated in the description of the holiday home. The holiday home may not be occupied by more persons than the number of persons stated in the description without prior special permission. By entering into this rental agreement, the renter declares that they are 18 years old or older and are legally competent. If all of the persons who shall stay in the holiday home are aged 15–25 years, they will be considered a youth group, and in some cases this means that the owner must give prior approval before the agreement is binding. The person whose name is stated on the rental agreement must be present during the rental period and is also liable for any damage or misuse of the holiday home.

Neither the owner nor Sol og Strand can be held liable for noise nuisance from building activity, neighbours, traffic or similar. If the holiday home has a pool, spa or in the case of remedying complaints, the owner has agreed that service personnel may enter the house either with or without notification given to the renter.

If the renter, in connection with entering into the rental agreement, enters into an agreement concerning the purchase of other services, for example admission tickets for amusement parks and cultural events or for ferry tickets, these are independent agreements with the suppliers of the services in question. Deficiencies or delays in relation to these services under no circumstances give the renter the right to seek remedy for breach of contract in relation to the rental agreement made with Sol og Strand. The agreement is not covered by the rules on package holidays or combined services.

Agents and internet portals etc. do not have permission to enter into agency agreements with renters that deviate from these rental terms and conditions.

2. Cleaning and damages
The renter is contractually obligated to clean the holiday home and to leave it clean and tidy at the end of the rental period. Any necessary cleaning will be carried out solely at the renter’s expense. The final cleaning of the holiday home can be ordered from Sol og Strand for a payment. Because of liability to the owner of the holiday home, the renter is not allowed to assign their cleaning obligation to a third party.

The renter is responsible for everything that belongs to the holiday home and is also liable for any damage caused to the holiday home or its furniture, fixtures and fittings and inventory during the renter’s stay. However, refer to the terms and conditions in relation to house contents insurance and third-party liability insurance applicable when entering into the agreement, cf. point 9. Should any damage occur to the holiday home, its furniture, fixtures and fittings or inventory during the stay, the renter is obligated to notify Sol og Strand immediately. The renter must report to the nearest Sol og Strand local office, whose address, e-mail address and telephone number is stated on the rental agreement. Damage/defects, which are discovered after the renter’s departure, will be repaired at the renter’s expense, unless the damage/defects are covered by insurance coverage for this, cf. point 9.

3. Insurance of the renter
With regard to this agreement, no form of insurance has been taken out by Sol og Strand to cover personal injury that the renter or the renter’s companions may suffer during the rental period or damage to the renter’s or the renter’s companions’ property that may occur during the rental period.

4. Force majeure and/or other unusual events
In the event of force majeure, and/or other unusual events, such as e.g. strikes, epidemics, pandemics, quarantines, border closures, war, weather conditions, oil/petrol restrictions or similar, Sol og Strand can terminate the rental agreement with immediate effect. The renter is not entitled to compensation. Sol og Strand may charge costs relating to the termination of the rental agreement.

5. Sol og Strand’s rights
Sol og Strand reserves the right in the following cases to either return the paid rental amount or find alternative accommodation:

  • Breach of contract by the owner of the rented holiday home in relation to Sol og Strand
  • Handling/administration error
  • Printing error

6. Prices and payment terms and conditions
The prices stated by Sol og Strand are fixed prices with reservations for charges that are imposed upon the agency’s commission, since price adjustments however cannot be made within a time limit of four months after the entering into the agreement. Sol og Strand rents out the holiday homes specified on its website, and all information about each holiday home is provided to the best of the company’s knowledge and belief.

The rental agreement is confirmed and binding on payment of the 1st instalment. The due date for the prompt payment of the 1st instalment and any 2nd instalment is stated on the rental agreement. A key for the rented holiday home will not be handed over unless the renter can show Sol og Strand documentation showing full payment for the agreed rental.

In connection with the requirement of a paid deposit on the signing of the agreement, at the end of the rental period, the payment due for electricity, oil,water consumptionand similarand for any damage caused by the renter will be deducted from the deposit. Any remaining deposit amount will be returned to the renter, by the latest, two weeks after the end of the rental period. In the case of damage caused by the renter or other disputes, this period of time may last for longer than two weeks. If the deposit amount does not cover the ascertained consumption amount and any damage compensation amount, an invoice for the outstanding amount will be issued to the renter after the end of the rental period.

7. Complaints and damage
Complaints regarding deficiencies in the holiday home must be immediately reported to the nearest local office – the contact information is stated on the rental agreement. Complaints made during the holiday home stay may only be reported by telephone or in person. The renter is obligated to give Sol og Strand a reasonable amount of time to remedy any deficiency and to help to avoid any worsening of any damages and to minimise any loss for Sol og Strand. If a repair is not satisfactory, please report this to Sol og Strand IMMEDIATELY.

In the case of damage, the damage must be reported immediately and the renter must admit to any damage caused.

Even if pets are not allowed, this is not a guarantee that there have not been pets inside the house, which is why neither the owner nor Sol og Strand can be held liable for any allergic or asthmatic reactions.

Making complaints: In the event of a failure to find a common solution, complaints may be submitted to:

Ankenævnet for Feriehusudlejning
Amagertorv 9, 2
DK-1160 København K
Tel. +45 20 36 22 44

“Ankenævnet for Feriehusudlejning” is a private and authorised appeals board, established by The Danish Consumer Council and the Danish Holiday Home Association. Alternatively, complaints may be submitted via the complaints portal of the EU commission

8. Termination of rental agreement
The renter can terminate the rental agreement in writing before the start of the rental period. If the termination is sent by e-mail, it will not be regarded as having been received until Sol og Strand has confirmed its receipt to the renter. The termination is valid from the first day that it is in the hands of Sol og Strand. In such cases, Sol og Strand is entitled to demand fair compensation and will demand the following compensation without legal consequences:

  • Up to 56 days before arrival: 33% of the total rental amount, minimum EUR 80
  • 55 to 14days before arrival: 75% of the total rental amount, minimum EUR 80
  • From 13 days before arrival to the day of arrival: 100% of the total rental amount

Transfer of rental agreement
The renter is allowed to transfer the rental agreement to another renter – subject to a handling charge of EUR 70. The information regarding this must be given in writing from both of involved parties to Sol og Strand.

9. Security insurance
As an obligatory part of the rental agreement, an agreement has been entered into with the following security insurance withTryg-Forsikring, covering cancellation, interruption, house contents and third-party insurance coverage and including on-call doctor. A description of the insurance scheme and applicable terms and conditions is available on our website under

10. Jurisdiction and Venue
The rental terms and conditions are regulated according to Danish law, and disputes in connection with the terms of the contract must also be settled in accordance with Danish law.

Legal venue: The court which has jurisdiction in the area where the rented holiday home is located.

11. Right of withdrawal
There is no right of withdrawal in accordance with consumer protection regulations, as the agreement concerns the booking of accommodation in a holiday home. However, it is always possible to terminate the agreement, see point 8.

12. Personal Data Policy
Please see our current personal data policy on the Sol og Strand website.

13. Additional
Please see the practical information page on the Sol og Strand website.