You must depart the holiday home no later than 10 a.m. and return/place the key where you collected it. Upon departure, the holiday home must be left tidy and clean. Windows and doors must be closed/locked, and all furniture must be placed where you found it on arrival - and in the same state.

Please remember before departure…

  • empty refrigerator, freezer and cup-boards in the kitchen
  • defrost refrigerator/freezer and leave the door open (please put a bowl or a bucket underneath in order to catch defrostwater)
  • turn off electrical panels and other electrical items
  • empty diswasher (if any)
  • empty the garbage bag in the kitchen and bathroom
  • take cushions, lounge beds and sunshade, if any, inside the house
  • close and lock all doors and windows
  • return the key.

In order to avoid frost injuries you must never disconnect the electricity during the period from November to May. Please adjust the radiators down to 5°C and the floor heating to the minimum temperature at departure.

If you wish to leave the holiday home before the pre-arranged time of departure, you are obliged to inform the local Sol og Strand office of this - for insurance purposes.

See Consumption settling and Final cleaning as well.