Marina house - Holidays in a holiday home at a marina

When you spend your holiday in a marina house, you can enjoy the special atmosphere of the yachting harbour day and night. You live in the centre of the marina environment with a view of the water, boats and marina.

Marina house - Holidays in a holiday home at a marina

Life at a marina

You will always find life on a marina, and if you rent a private holiday home or a private holiday flat, you will be sure to have an exciting holiday in a beautiful marine atmosphere. You can enjoy the sight of beautiful boats and follow life in a marina. There is always a lot of action in a marina and you can have a lot of nature experiences at the marina and in the surroundings. Apart from the location on the marina, you will often be close to a city with a lovely urban life and interesting attractions. You will have good shopping possibilities to prepare lovely food in your holiday home or holiday flat. In the city you can visit interesting shops and lovely restaurants if you want to eat out. Perhaps you find some particularly nice shops and restaurants, where you are staying. There may also be exciting handicraft products or shops with tasty delicacies to enjoy in your holiday home.

At the marina and around it you will find exciting experiences Perhaps something special takes place at your destination, which would be an extra plus for your holiday in a private holiday home by a marina. You will no doubt find something for everybody’s tasting. If you want to take a trip, you can, all over the country, find lovely animal parks, beautiful amusement parks, museums, experience centres and a lot of other activities e.g. for playing mini golf or bowling. You can be sure to find some attractions close to your holiday home on the marina. Going on trips during your holiday is a nice thing to do and when you return you can sit on the terrace and talk about the day, while looking over the sea.

Take a good look at all the fine boats in the marina

During the summer you might be lucky enough to have a harbour party at exactly the marina, where you have hired a private holiday home. At a harbour party there will be music, amusements and entertainment. An exciting day for the entire family. Try out the funny amusements, have an ice cream and listen to great music. You can get light refreshments and beverages, so join a harbour party and have a splendid experience at your holiday in a private holiday home.

Activities during your holiday in a holiday home

If you bring children for your holiday in a private holiday home or a private holiday flat, you can share lovely experiences by the sea. Maybe you can angle for exciting fish and other sea animals from the quay or one of the bridges. Bring a fishing net and a bucket and be surprised by the exciting underwater world. But don’t forget to put the animals back into the water when you have had a good look at them. You may also be lucky to go swimming in the marina by your holiday home. There may be swimming facilities in a basin or from a pier at the harbour. Enjoy bathing together and if you bring a ball, you can spend a lot time playing with each other and have a good time. If the water is clear, it could be fun to go snorkelling and see what is hiding on the sea bed.

Children would love to have a closer look at the exciting creatures living in the sea

At many marinas, angling is permitted, so if you want to, you could see whether you could have a good catch for supper. If you get a bite, you will be so proud to prepare and serve fish, that you caught yourself. If you don’t get a bite, you may be lucky to have a chance to buy fresh fish direct from a fishing boat at your harbour. It creates quite a unique atmosphere to buy fish when the boats come in, and for children it would be a special experience to buy fish at the harbour instead of in the supermarket.

When you are close to a marina it would be an obvious thing to go for a sail. In some marinas and harbours you can go on an arranged sail and go out on the sea and feel the wind in your hair. On a lovely sail you will see more of the area surrounding your holiday home and you may be inspired to take a closer look at some of the near-by spots. Perhaps you find some funny attractions in the neighbourhood that you want to try out later.

During your holiday in a private holiday home or a private holiday flat in a marina, there are so many possibilities for exploring things. You can take lovely walks along the marina, where you can enjoy looking at the beautiful boats in the sea. There can very well be an exciting animal life close to the marina, that it could be funny to look at. Buy an ice cream and relax on a bench and look at your surroundings. If you bring your own bikes or rent bikes locally, you can go for wonderful bike rides. In this way you can go further and see more of the area surrounding your holiday home. This could be a lovely way to be active and still enjoy nature and the surroundings. Go on a picnic and take a well-deserved break at a green spot on your way.

Holiday home with a beautiful view of the sea

If you choose a marina house, you will normally also have access to a beautiful view of the sea. Our rental of holiday homes offers holiday homes as well as holiday flats, where you can enjoy a lovely view of the sea. When you get up in the morning you can see the sparkling water with beautiful boats, and such view is just perfect if you have a balcony or a terrace. Here you can sit and enjoy your meals with a beautiful view of life in the marina. You can look at the fine ships docking and watch the lovely bird life by the sea. The view will always be full of activities due to the life of a marina full of people and boats. In the afternoon and in the evening your view of the sea will be quite different. The weather and the position of the sun makes your view a scene of light and shadows. In a private holiday home with a view of the sea you can enjoy the great many scenarios by looking over the sea. It is a beautiful view, that you will never get tired of. You can bring the maritime atmosphere of the marina into your kitchen and prepare lovely fish dishes. Enjoy your meal with a beautiful view of the sea from your holiday home or, if the weather is good, from a balcony or a terrace. It just couldn’t be better!

From the balcony of your holiday flat you can enjoy a beautiful view of the marina

Not just can you enjoy a lovely view of the sea from your house. When you take a walk on the marina, you can watch the boats rolling on the sea, and perhaps you will find a bench somewhere nice, where you can sit and relax in the beautiful surroundings. Feel the peace and enjoy being on holiday together. If you choose rental of a holiday home in a marina for your holiday, you can have a lovely holiday in maritime surroundings with plenty of life and lovely experiences.

Holiday homes with special facilities

Marina houses

When you spend your holiday in a marina house, you can enjoy the special atmosphere of the yachting harbour day and night. You live in the centre of the marina environment with a view of the water, boats and marina.


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