Holiday apartments in Denmark

Holiday apartments all over Denmark. Book a holiday apartment and live close to activities for the whole family.

Holiday apartments in Denmark
Holiday apartments in Denmark

Holiday flats all over Denmark – stay close to the beach and a marina.

When you spend your holiday in a holiday flat, you will be surrounded by beautiful nature and be close to a Danish recreational area. You can rent a holiday flat with free activities close to your flat, you can stay in a holiday flat in a charming city with a view of the sea and close to urban life, or you could have your holiday in an individual holiday flat right in the middle of beautiful nature, close to the beach and the sea; a perfect place for enjoying tranquillity.

Sol og Strand offers a wide range of holiday flats in popular recreational areas, all over Denmark.

Holiday flats

Holiday flats in holiday centres and holiday cities

We have holiday flats in all sizes and with various facilities, which means that you can find precisely the kind of holiday home that suits your holiday. An advantage by spending your holiday in a flat is that the flat rental is normally less expensive than that of a holiday home.

Individual, private holiday flats are modern and of a high standard, and they are quite often situated in attractive holiday areas, close to a beach and a city. The holiday flat frames your holiday and it will be the place for meeting, relaxing and having a good time after a long day full of experiences and activities.

Holiday flats with an access to activities free of charge make sure that you will get the most out of your holiday, whether you are a family with children who want to be active and have a great time in the aquapark, or if you are on your own and just want to pamper yourselves by relaxing and enjoying wellness in your holiday.

Holiday cites and centres have a reception desk, where you can get all the assistance that you need fast and ask any questions during your stay.

Holiday flat with activity centre free of charge

Spending your holiday in a holiday flat is popular with families with children, since a lot of such flats are situated close to holiday cities and centres offering facilities such as aquaparks, outdoor swimming pools, billiards, playing fields and playgrounds for children and grown-ups to have a nice time.


A holiday flat is also perfect for you who want to stay fit and be active in your holiday, as you could rent a holiday flat with an activity centre free of charge, offering e.g. fitness, a climbing wall or tennis.

If you feel more like a hot whirlpool, a stay in the sauna and a massage, you could rent a holiday flat with access to wellness facilities.

There is a description of the activities for each individual activity centre, where you can also see the opening hours and the prices of the activities that are not free and that you can use against payment.

Child-friendly holiday

If you go on a holiday with children, it could be advantageous to stay in a holiday home in a holiday centre that offers a series of activities for children, if you choose a home with a free activity centre. Here, the whole family can have a great holiday with a lot of fun, experiences, individually as well as together.

Staying in a holiday flat in a holiday city is just the essence of a cosy family life, activities and beautiful nature. The holiday flats are close to a nice beach and in calm surroundings with a minimum of traffic. The activities for the children are just at a walking distance from the flat and school-age children can safely go from the holiday flat to the activities on their own.

In the activity centres you can come and go as you like. You will find playgrounds for the children in the area and some holiday flats are right close to a playground or even so close that you can keep an eye on the children from the flat.

If weather conditions are not for playing outdoor, most holiday centres have an indoor play room in the activity centre, free of charge, so children are sure not to be bored. A holiday flat with an activity centre, free of charge, means happy children, tired in the evening and well entertained all through the holiday.

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Holiday flats on a marina

Marina houses are holiday flats on marinas, where you stay in a holiday flat in a charming marina atmosphere, facing the sea and the active life at the harbour. You can sit on the terrace, listening to the water glugging, enjoy the maritime atmosphere and follow the activities on the sea and on the pier.

Marina houses

Marina houses Marina houses are just the perfect holiday solution for you who wants to be where things really vibrate. You are at a walking distance from restaurants, shops and attractions in the city. And only a short distance from the beach and nature.

Sol og Strand offers marina houses all over Denmark, and some of them offers, apart from a wonderful marina atmosphere, common facilities such as e.g. a swimming pool, sauna and playgrounds.

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Holiday homes with special facilities

Marina houses

When you spend your holiday in a marina house, you can enjoy the special atmosphere of the yachting harbour day and night. You live in the centre of the marina environment with a view of the water, boats and marina.


Rent a holiday home with a pool with Sol og Strand and do not care about the weather. Pamper your family with a holiday home with a pool and enjoy the heat and water inside.

Big holiday homes for the whole family

Rent a large holiday home with room for holiday with the extended family, three generations in the same house or holiday with more friends.

Holiday apartments

Holiday apartments all over Denmark. Book a holiday apartment and live close to activities for the whole family.

Activity center

Many free activities for children on more activity centres. Some activities are indoor activities, so you will always have plenty of things to do - regardless the weather.

Luxury holiday home

Go on a first-grade holiday in one of our well-arranged luxury holiday homes. The luxurious holiday homes are so comfortable that you do not have to worry about the weather - you will find plenty of experiences inside the luxury holiday home.

wheelchair accessible holiday homes

Have a lovely holiday as a wheelchair user in a private holiday home. Hiring a holiday home is a good way of spending your holiday if you are a wheelchair user.

Houses for anglers

Pure relaxation in the angler's paradise
Spend your holiday in the angling paradise Denmark. Your holiday home has been equipped especially for anglers.

Holiday home close to LEGOLAND

Rent a holiday home to LEGOLAND and stay close to the park

Rental of holiday homes

To a lot of people, being on holiday in a holiday home means warm summer days when you were a child, where you spent your holiday in your grandparents’ cosy home by the sea.