Rent a holiday home close to LEGOLAND

Rent a holiday home to LEGOLAND and stay close to the park

Rent a holiday home close to LEGOLAND
Sommerhuse tæt på Legoland

The dream of every child

LEGOLAND is the dream of every child and a fantastic experience for children of any age. LEGOLAND comprises more than 50 amusements, and whether you love action, speed or just having a good time, there are always so many funny experiences for the whole family - and probably you do not have time for it all in just one day.

If you are looking for action and adventure, visit the Adventure Land. Here the oldest children can try out the toughest roller coasters. Or they can go on a wild scavenger hunt in Templet. But be careful, because you will be exposed to things like an earthquake and live mummies in the first, interactive indoor amusement in the history of LEGOLAND.

Explore the impressive Miniland and see an amazing world, where everything is made of LEGO® bricks. Make bread on a sick together with an Indian or go onboard the submarine down to sharks and huge crabs in Atlantis by SEA LIFE (tm). Remember to bring your bathing suit so you can join the crazy naval battles in the Pirate Lagoon.

If events and good concerts are what you fancy, LEGOLAND invites you to a lot of interesting events and experiences for grown-ups and children. If you stay in a holiday home close to LEGOLAND, you can visit LEGOLAND several times during the holiday.


Exiting areas of holiday homes close to LEGOLAND

Andkær Vig (about 38 km from LEGOLAND) is an idyllic spot of holiday homes at the south coast of the Vejle Fjord. You find clusters of cozy spots of holiday homes along the coast, and the area at Andkær Vig is one of the most beautiful and coziest ones. Andkær Vig is sheltered to the east by the isthmus Holser Hage and surrounded by lovely nature with woods. Along the coast there are some lovely bathing beaches.

Follerup (about 43 km from LEGOLAND) is situated about 10 km behind Fredericia in a lovely, quiet and undulating area of holiday homes with fields and green areas. It is an area of peace and quiet, open spaces and lovely and unspoiled nature with i.a. a stream and a lake full of fish. Close to Follerup you find lovely bathing beaches, beautiful natural resorts, leisure activities.

Hvidbjerg (about 45 km from LEGOLAND) is situated at the south side of Vejle Fjord, 9 km north of Fredericia and 19 km south of Vejle. In the summer period Hvidbjerg is a brisk area, partly because of the good, child-friendly beach comprising the biggest sand dune at the east coast and partly because of the many holiday homes. Many of the holiday homes in the area have a view of Vejle Fjord. Hvidbjerg offers good shopping possibilities.

Juelsminde (about 60 km from LEGOLAND) is a lovely and family-friendly holiday resort with atmosphere and a nice beach. The city of Juelsminde is really a nice city with a lot of places to eat and interesting shops. There is also a marina and a charming harbor – the perfect place for those, who want to spend their holiday in a holiday home in quiet surroundings, close to the beach, the city, activities and attractions.


Andre populære sommerhusområder i nærheden af LEGOLAND

Blåvand is an attractive and popular holiday resort at the North Sea, for grown-ups as well as for children. Blåvand is a brisk city with a nice and family-friendly environment, a lot of shops and good places to eat, often with outdoor service in the summer. Most of the holiday homes are in recreationally peaceful and surroundings, but still close to the city and a lot of activities.

Henne Strand is a refuge at the Jutlandic west coast with plenty of room for everybody. The magnificent and characteristic nature, the lovely beach and a lot of activities make Henne Strand an attractive holiday resort.

Vejers Strand is a charming city at the North Sea. The holiday homes are situated from the outmost dunes and all the way to the sea – in the middle of the spectacular nature at the west part of Jutland. The endless sand beach, the clean air, the impressive heath and the big heath plantations make this a particularly attractive area. Vejers is a nice city with grocery shops, art galleries and restaurants.

Bork Havn

Bork Havn is a nice and modern fishing village at the southern part of Ringkøbing Fjord. The city has a lot of shops and places to eat and a big marina, which is also a fishing port. You can buy fresh fish on the quay every day. There is a lovely bathing beach at Ringkøbing Fjord. Bork Havn is just paradise for surfers – the conditions are perfect for windsurfing and there is a surfing school as well as a surfing centre.

Holiday homes with special facilities

Marina houses

When you spend your holiday in a marina house, you can enjoy the special atmosphere of the yachting harbour day and night. You live in the centre of the marina environment with a view of the water, boats and marina.


Rent a holiday home with a pool with Sol og Strand and do not care about the weather. Pamper your family with a holiday home with a pool and enjoy the heat and water inside.

Big holiday homes for the whole family

Rent a large holiday home with room for holiday with the extended family, three generations in the same house or holiday with more friends.

Holiday apartments

Holiday apartments all over Denmark. Book a holiday apartment and live close to activities for the whole family.

Activity center

Many free activities for children on more activity centres. Some activities are indoor activities, so you will always have plenty of things to do - regardless the weather.

Luxury holiday home

Go on a first-grade holiday in one of our well-arranged luxury holiday homes. The luxurious holiday homes are so comfortable that you do not have to worry about the weather - you will find plenty of experiences inside the luxury holiday home.

wheelchair accessible holiday homes

Have a lovely holiday as a wheelchair user in a private holiday home. Hiring a holiday home is a good way of spending your holiday if you are a wheelchair user.

Houses for anglers

Pure relaxation in the angler's paradise
Spend your holiday in the angling paradise Denmark. Your holiday home has been equipped especially for anglers.

Holiday home close to LEGOLAND

Rent a holiday home to LEGOLAND and stay close to the park

Rental of holiday homes

To a lot of people, being on holiday in a holiday home means warm summer days when you were a child, where you spent your holiday in your grandparents’ cosy home by the sea.