Holiday home with a pool

Rent a holiday home with a pool with Sol og Strand and do not care about the weather. Pamper your family with a holiday home with a pool and enjoy the heat and water inside.

Holiday home with a pool

Holiday homes with a swimming pool

Sol og Strand Sommerhusudlejning has more than 500 private holiday homes in all of the popular holiday areas in Denmark including Bornholm. The majority of our pool houses are, however, close to the sea, in particular Blåvand and the islands of Fanø and Rømø and in Marielyst on Falster. Many of our pool-houses also have a whirlpool and sauna, so you can create your own wellness-oasis and combine the swim and wellness. In a holiday home with a pool you can take a swim all year round and you will be sure to have hours and hours of entertainment for children as well as grown-ups. It is such a pleasure to everybody who takes to water like a duck!

Big houses

Many pool houses are big, spacious holiday homes with a lot of place and many bedrooms. You can have a holiday indluding several generations under the same roof and have a wonderful time. The grandchildren can romp in the pool as often as they want to, while the grandparents watch them and enjoy their playing. In the big pool houses there is room enough for a holiday with your friends, or you could rent a holiday home with a pool for your next party - a pool party for grown-ups.

Many of the big houses has a table for billards, table tennis and games like that. But there is also something for the grown-ups, as some of the big fitness rooms have various equipment. Rent one of our big pool houses with room for various activities. A big holiday home with a pool could be just the right frame for your fantastic holiday.

Find the perfect holiday home with pool

When you rent a holiday home with a pool at Sol og Strand, you can have a first-class holiday

A holiday for the children

If you want to spend your holiday in Denmark with children, the pool houses offered by Sol og Strand are just perfect. When the weather does not invite you for a swim in the sea, a holiday home with a pool is just the right thing for occupying children.

Holiday home with swimmingpool


Luxury holiday homes with a pool

When you rent a luxury holiday home with a pool with Sol og Strand, you will have a holiday on 1st class. This is just 100% relaxation and holiday just as you want it to be.

A whirlpool, sauna and a pool are just fantastic when you spend your holiday in a luxury holiday home in the winter months. You can come home and get warm after a long walk on the beach or in the woods. Some of our luxury holiday homes also have an outdoor whirlpool that you can enjoy during the day and in the evening.

A luxury holiday home is cheaper outside the peak season - and one could say that you get more value for money, as you of course will spend more time in the house, when the weather is not very good.

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Holiday homes with a shared pool

Sol og Strand furthermore offers holiday homes with a shared indoor and outdoor pool, e.g. in the holiday towns of Rømø, Havneby, where you can play and have a wonderful time together with other children and grown-ups.

Top water quality and safety!

The increasing demand for pool houses has made it necessary to focus on safety and quality. All holiday homes with a pool or a beach water whirlpool, rented through Sol og Strand are therefore checked by our authorized service staff at least once a week. The chlorine and the pH value of the water are analyzed, checked and adjusted, if necessary. At the same time, the temperature and the clearness of the water are checked and tested.

All service staff at Sol og Strand have been trained by the Danish Environment and Food Administration and have a diploma in pool technics and water quality. This is your guarantee of a correct inspection and as tenants you do not have to worry about the quality of the water.

The water temperature of an indoor pool is normally between 24 and 28° C. It takes energy to heat big amounts of water, but you can reduce the energy consumption by pulling the thermal cover on top of the pool and thus reduce the energy consumption as well as the evaporation in the pool room.


Water Quality

The water in the pools and the beach water whirlpools is of top quality. Consequently, it is important that you respect some simple bathing rules that you find in the house. In order to ensure that you have the optimum water quality, the number of persons using the facility should be identical to the number stated when booking the house. This is crucial in order that the service person can make the correct dosing of chlorine. The more people using the pool, the faster the chlorine is used up. The value of chlorine should therefore be adjusted to correspond exactly to your holiday.

A successful holiday in a holiday home with a pool requires the observance of some simple bating rules, that you find in the house.

Attractions close to the holiday homes with a pool

If you spend your holiday in a Sol og Strand holiday home with a pool, you also have the possibility to visit some of the big number of attractions in the various areas. Sol og Strand sommerhusudlejning has developed an app with a description of about 1500 attractions in Denmark. The description also includes routes, telephone numbers and links to websites, but not opening hours and prices. You just chose your interests and you will find pertinent attractions on a list or a map based on your actual positon.

Holiday homes with a swimming pool

Holiday homes with special facilities

Marina houses

When you spend your holiday in a marina house, you can enjoy the special atmosphere of the yachting harbour day and night. You live in the centre of the marina environment with a view of the water, boats and marina.


Rent a holiday home with a pool with Sol og Strand and do not care about the weather. Pamper your family with a holiday home with a pool and enjoy the heat and water inside.

Big holiday homes for the whole family

Rent a large holiday home with room for holiday with the extended family, three generations in the same house or holiday with more friends.

Holiday apartments

Holiday apartments all over Denmark. Book a holiday apartment and live close to activities for the whole family.

Activity center

Many free activities for children on more activity centres. Some activities are indoor activities, so you will always have plenty of things to do - regardless the weather.

Luxury holiday home

Go on a first-grade holiday in one of our well-arranged luxury holiday homes. The luxurious holiday homes are so comfortable that you do not have to worry about the weather - you will find plenty of experiences inside the luxury holiday home.

wheelchair accessible holiday homes

Have a lovely holiday as a wheelchair user in a private holiday home. Hiring a holiday home is a good way of spending your holiday if you are a wheelchair user.

Houses for anglers

Pure relaxation in the angler's paradise
Spend your holiday in the angling paradise Denmark. Your holiday home has been equipped especially for anglers.

Holiday home close to LEGOLAND

Rent a holiday home to LEGOLAND and stay close to the park

Rental of holiday homes

To a lot of people, being on holiday in a holiday home means warm summer days when you were a child, where you spent your holiday in your grandparents’ cosy home by the sea.