Bathing safety

Bathing safety

Holiday in a Danish SOL OG STRAND holiday home is often associated with bathing in the foaming sea or an idyllic lake, and we would like to give you a piece of advice regarding safe bathing in Denmark!
Dear holiday guestsIt is both lovely and refreshing to bathe in the North Sea and the Kattegat or in one of the pretty clear lakes, but remember to be careful when you go for a swim!

For the sake of your own safety you ought to follow the bathing tips, issued by The Danish Council for Greater Water Safety, and by that help preventing tragic bathing accidents in the future.

You will find further information regarding water safety on the website of The Danish Council for Greater Water Safety.

Bathing tips

  • 1. Learn how to swim and dive before you go in the water
  • 2. Never swim alone
  • 3. Swim only where it is permitted
  • 4. Don’t go into water that is deeper than your waist
  • 5. Dive only where the water is deep enough
  • 6. Swim parallel with the shore
  • 7. Get out of the water before you get too cold
  • 8. Choose beaches with lifeguards when possible

Watch out for rip currents!The water around a sand bank often appears calm and alluring, but don’t let yourself be deceived, as rip currents can occur on places like this!

If you are caught in a rip current, remain calm and do not try to swim towards the shore. Hold your head above the water and cry out for help while you float out of the current. When the current dissipates you can swim diagonally towards the shore.
You may not bathe:

  • In harbours, near piers, breakwaters or the fishermen’s pound net poles.
  • In bogs and small lakes. The water stands very still here and can be very cold just beneath the surface.
  • In lakes and streams with aquatic plants.
  • Everywhere, where bathing is prohibited.

Alarm call
Dial 112 in case of an emergency. Please inform the rescue service of the beach number. The beach number will help the rescue service locate you. You will find the beach number on the green signs on the beach.

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