New Year in a holiday home in Denmark

Stay in a holiday home this year and don't go home before next year! Yes, you read it correctly - spend New Year's Eve in a holiday home in Denmark!

New Year in a holiday home in Denmark
Sommerhuse i nytårsferien

You can pick out the house, which matches your needs and wishes exactly. We offer both small and cosy holiday homes that are perfectly suitable for a quiet and pleasant New Years's Eve for two as well as large and spacious holiday homes with room for a party. Furthermore, we offer holiday homes with swimming pool, which enable you to celebrate New Year with a pool party. See our selection of holiday homes with swimming pool here.

New Year's Eve for two

You can choose to spend New Year's Eve in twosomeness and enjoy each other, the tranquility and the lovely surroundings. Take your time to cook together and to enjoy the food - you have the rest of the year to do it anyway. At midnight you can say cheers to each other and look forward to the coming year together. The next morning you can enjoy a long breakfast before you go on a fresh walk in the surrounding nature. The beach, the dunes and the moor are lovely and nearly deserted on 1st January.

New Year with family or friends - or both

If you have planned a party, a holiday home offers the perfect settings for this as well. No one has to drive home after the party and no one has to sleep on an uncomfortable sofa, as you have enough beds for everyone in the holiday home. Chairs, cutlery and tableware are equally available for everyone. Perhaps you are two or more families with children on holiday together. Then the children can play and when they have been tucked in, you can enjoy the adult company.

In many holiday home areas it is illegal to set off fireworks. The fire risk is extremely high as many holiday homes have thatched roofs. Furthermore, is often very dry in the winter.

This means that New Year's Eve in a holiday home is very quiet, unless you choose a destination, in which you are allowed to set off fireworks. The silent areas are especially suitable for small children and dogs, as no loud sounds disturb the evening. If your dog is tense on New Year's Eve, we recommend that you bring it along to your holiday home. Then you don't have to calm your dog with medicine, and as a bonus the WHOLE family can enjoy a lovely holiday together in a Danish holiday home.

Champagne og appelsiner på en træstub i sneen

Danish New Year

In Denmark New Year's Eve is practically the party of the year. Everyone is looking forward to welcoming the new year. For most Danes the evening starts with the annual New Year's speech of the Danish queen. Many also make bets regarding the content of her speech. Afterwards you sit down to dinner and the traditional Danish New Year menu often contains codfish with mustard sauce. In Jutland many people eat roast pork with white and caramelized potatoes as well as stewed kale. However, the young Danes are not as tradition-bound and prepare the food that they and their guests like. During dinner many wear funny hats and some even dress up with beard, glasses and the like. You enjoy the dinner for a long time and between the courses many people play amusing games.

Kvinde holder stjernekaster

After the dinner almost all Danes watch TV - as "Dinner for One" is an absolute must for many people. The short sketch is being broadcast a quarter before midnight each year, and it is always as funny as last year. After this you can watch the clock of the city hall in Copenhagen as it turns twelve. The new year starts by the first stroke of the bell. Then you say cheers with champagne and perhaps you enjoy a piece of marzipan ring cake on the side. Many believe that you have to jump into the new year, so they jump from chairs when the clock turns twelve. Others believe that it brings good luck to wear yellow underwear, and some combines it all and believe that they will be extra lucky in the new year.

We from Sol og Strand wish you and your family a happy new year!


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