Spend your Christmas in a holiday home in Denmark

Escape the Christmas stress and bustle in December this year. Go to the almost endless open spaces, the long sandy beaches and the comfort of a Danish holiday home.

Spend your Christmas in a holiday home in Denmark
Holiday homes for Christmas

You don't need to worry if you have enough room for guests - you can just choose a holiday home, which suits your wishes and needs. We offer holiday homes for everyone. There is no accounting for tastes, but we have the ideal holiday home for you and your family. And of course it has room for a Christmas tree!

Nedgang til stranden mellem klitter med sol og sne

Make it a family experience to go out and cut down your own Christmas tree and find the right corner for it in the holiday home. Then the whole family can decorate the tree. Perhaps you can even bake Christmas cookies, and then it doesn't only look like Christmas in your holiday home, it also smells like it. You can find a recipe for delicious Danish Christmas cookies here here - ready to print. When the Christmas tree has been decorated, you can enjoy the freshly baked cookies in front of the wood-burning stove, listen to the crackling fire and enjoy the sight of the tree while the Christmas peace descends upon you.

You can also put up decorations for Christmas in the holiday home. Everywhere in Denmark you can visit cosy Christmas markets, where you can buy Danish arts and craft and Christmas decorations - especially elves. The Danish elves represent small men or women with red hats. Opinions about the origin and purpose of the elves seem to differ, but never the less elves and Christmas are inseparable in Denmark.

Der bages julesmåkager af to små piger

You can also take a long walk in nature on a clear and frosty day. And you can hardly find a prettier sight than trees, covered with frost, sunlight in the untouched snow and frost in the heather, which looks like small pearls, gleaming in the sun. With a little luck you will have enough snow to build a snowman. It is good fun for the whole family and sometimes it develops into a snowball fight.

Danish Christmas

Christmas in Denmark is not only Christmas Eve, Christmas Day and Boxing Day. For most Danes Christmas begins on 1st December or first Sunday of Advent - depending on which come first. Then the homes are decorated for Christmas, the Christmas baking begins and the radio plays Christmas music. The Christmas cheer occurs. The Advent candle with the numbers 1 to 24 is also essential. You burn one number every day until the 24th December. In TV the children can follow the daily chapter of the Christmas calendar, and in that way the countdown for Christmas Eve has begun.

To piger pynter juletræ

On 24th December many people go to church. After church, you gather around the TV in order to watch the Disney Christmas show. Even though it is pretty much the same each year, the show is a part of the Christmas traditions. Then you dine. A typical Danish Christmas dinner consists of goose, duck or roast pork with accompaniments like white and caramelized potatoes, red cabbage and brown sauce. For dessert the Danes eat risalamande, a rice dessert with almonds, in which a whole almond is hidden. The lucky finder of the almond receives an almond prize. But the almost has to be intact.

After dinner the Danes dance around the Christmas tree. You hold hands and walk around the tree while you sing Christmas carols. At last you sing a certain song and run around the whole house until you return to the Christmas tree. Then it is time for opening the presents, which are placed under the Christmas tree, and especially the children beam with joy when they open one present after the other.

So contrary to English traditions, the Danes open their presents on Christmas Eve.

The following days you often gather the whole family for a Christmas lunch. And here you eat pickled herring, shrimps, roast pork, meatballs, warm liver paste and cheese. Along with the lunch you can enjoy beer or perhaps schnapps. The children play with their cousins and their new toys. The family time is paramount.

We from Sol og Strand wish you all a merry Christmas!

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