Short stay in a holiday home

With a busy everyday life most of us need a break now and then. Book a weekend stay and spend the time to relax and recharge your batteries.


Short stay in a holiday home

Short Stay – easy and simple

A short stay is the perfect opportunity to enjoy one another and to relax in beautiful surroundings. Take a well-deserved break in one of our holiday homes and enjoy the time of the year and one another. A short stay in one of our holiday luxury homes means a lot of pampering. You might e.g. spend a couple of days by the sea in a holiday home with a whirlpool and a sauna. You could also go for a short stay in a holiday home with a pool, which is just so popular with families with children. A pool means daily exercise, but also a lot of fun and activities for children.

Miniferie i sommerhus

A weekend stay is a short holiday

A weekend stay is a good chance to get away for a little while and see Denmark without having to do a lot of planning. It would be a good idea to go for a weekend stay e.g. if you want to join an event at the other end of the country. Then you will not have to think about the long drive home, but you can have a good night’s sleep in the holiday home. You don’t have to get up early next morning; you can just take it easy until you leave for home.

The short stay could be a weekend stay with 2-3 overnight stays, where you just relax, read a good book and go out to experience the local area. It is worth noticing, though, that the price of two and three nights is often the same. So if you need only two nights, it could be an advantage to book three nights, so you don’t have to hurry leaving the holiday home on the day, you are going home. Just take it easy and drive home, when it suits you best.

You can make your booking for up to 5 days for a short stay. This will make it possible for you to take a few days off without neglecting work and other duties.

Book a Short Stay

Surprise your better half with a short stay in a holiday home. You can have a short stay in a holiday home or a holiday flat anywhere in the country. If you want a weekend stay in a holiday home for 2 or 3 nights, it would be a good idea to rent a holiday home not too far away in order not to spend too much time behind the wheel.

Use the search box to find out where you want to go and the price of the short stay. You can tailor your short stay to fit your budget. Mark a holiday home in the search box and enter the number of days that fits you economically. Subsequently, you can see a choice of holiday homes that meet your requirements and you can pick exactly your favourite house for the short stay.

Book in good time

You can be sure to have just the right holiday home for your short stay if you book in good time. The sooner you book, the longer you can look forward to your short stay. But please note that some holiday homes are not released for let until 28 days prior to moving in.

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A Shortstay in a holiday home is perfect, if you need a break and be able to relaxe. Enjoy a weekend stay with your loved ones. 

Shortstay with kids

Shortstay with kids in a holiday homes creates the perfect setting for play, fun and relaxation, where batteries can be recharged and the surplus restored.


Bonus holiday

Enjoy a long holiday with lots of time to relaxe. Book a holiday home for min. 14 days and up to 28 days with a discount and recharge your batteries. 


If you are two persons going on a holiday together in a holiday home you can save money. With a 2-persons-discount you can save up to 20%.


Here and now holiday

Book a here-and-now holiday and enjoy a shortstay in one of our lovely holiday homes. 

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