Bonus Holiday

You will obtain a substantial discount when you book a Bonus Holiday. A Bonus Holiday lasts at least 14 days. Bonus Holiday cannot be combined with other discounts. Further information appears from the house presentation under the menu options Prices and Calendar.

Bonus Holiday

You can avail yourselves of Bonus Holiday outside the high seasons. The Bonus Holiday possibilities are stated under the menu options Prices and Calendar by each house.

Time for absorption

Do you need a long holiday with time for relaxation and family activities, you can take a holiday for a minimum of 14 nights in a Danish holiday home. Then you will have time to get acquainted with the local area and to visit both big and small attractions in the area. With a Bonus Holiday you can gear down and gather energy for everyday life.

Holiday homes with a discount

Last Minute

Save up to 40% and enjoy a spontaneous holiday with a discount.


A Shortstay in a holiday home is perfect, if you need a break and be able to relaxe. Enjoy a weekend stay with your loved ones. 

Shortstay with kids

Shortstay with kids in a holiday homes creates the perfect setting for play, fun and relaxation, where batteries can be recharged and the surplus restored.


Bonus holiday

Enjoy a long holiday with lots of time to relaxe. Book a holiday home for min. 14 days and up to 28 days with a discount and recharge your batteries. 


If you are two persons going on a holiday together in a holiday home you can save money. With a 2-persons-discount you can save up to 20%.


Here and now holiday

Book a here-and-now holiday and enjoy a shortstay in one of our lovely holiday homes.