Falster Golfklub Bistro

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Restaurant Køllegaarden is a seasonal restaurant situated in the beautiful countryside of Falster near the woods of Hannenov.

The restaurant offers a café concept with coffees, cake, burger, clubsandwich and the likes.
However, it is also possible to enjoy a traditional Danishplatter, “smørrebrød” as well as other traditional lunch dishes.

After 6 pm the evening a la carte is open and we offer both Danish and international cuisine. If you are a fan of Greece, then you will also be able to enjoy some Greek dishes.
Children are welcome and are half price.

Please book in advance either online or by phone. 


Address Virketvej 44
4863 Eskilstrup
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Facilities and topics

Traditional Danish food
Danish open sandwiches
Outdoor seating
Reception rooms


Longitude: 54.838216
Latitude: 11.964068999

Falster Golfklub Bistro

Address Virketvej 44 
4863 Eskilstrup
T +45 3089 8143