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Let us help you renting a holiday home

Please feel free to contact the sales department at our head office, if you need help for renting a holiday home, e.g. a luxury holiday home with pool. Our holiday advisors are ready to receive your emails or calls concerning rental of holiday homes. We would only be pleased to take care of the booking according to your wishes as to holiday resort, holiday home and time. Our holiday advisors are at your disposal in case of problems on the website, while you are in the process of booking a holiday home, or if you have any questions as to how to rent a holiday home on our website.

Get help during your stay in a holiday home

If you need help during your stay in a holiday home, please contact Sol og Strand's local agency. The staff at the local agencies has a profound knowledge about our holiday homes in their respective regions, which makes them able to answer all your questions about holiday homes at Sol og Strand Feriehusudlejning.

During your holiday, the staff at the loal agency will take care of your inquiries. They are ready to answer your questions, and if you need help in the holiday home, they will send a service technician to your house.

You should also contact the local agency if you want information about experiences in the area, where you are going to spend your holiday in a holiday home. The staff has local knowledge and can tell you everything about exciting attractions, events, good eating places and nature experiences.

You can find contact details of the local agencies on our website under item Local agencies. Click on the local agency that you want to contact and you will see the email address, telephone number and the personnel.

Long-term rental of a holiday home

You could also make a long-term rental agreement with us; a lot of people benefit from this possibility, if for some reason or another they cannot stay in their own house. It could be a question of a damage that has made the house uninhabitable. This could be due to fire, water damage or pest infestations. When the chips are down, it would be a good idea to talk to your insurance company about the possibility of being rehoused in a holiday home. We will help you finding the right holiday home for you and we will book it for you.

Companies often make long-term rental agreements for holiday homes, if their employees are to work on projects far away from their homes. Accommodation of employees in a holiday home for a long period will give them a nice, homely base in perfect conditions.

Our holiday advisors, who specialize in long-term rental of holiday homes are ready to make you an offer for long-term rental of a holiday home. Whether you are private persons or you represent a company, you are always welcome to give us a call and have a non-committal talk and an offer for long-term rental of a holiday home. Read more about your options here as to long-term rental of a holiday home and who to contact.

Sol og Strand's head office

You are always welcome to pass by the reception desk at our head office if you have an errand such as delivery of goods or if you are looking for a job. The reception is manned in the opening hours of the head office.