Gniben - Sj. Odde

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Driving directions: Drive by Gnibenvej and park on the parking lot by the military area. Notice that the gate to the coast can be locked during a military exercise - this must be respected. Gniben is one of the best known fishing grounds.

Fish species and season: It is here the garfish first appear in  spring. Good night fishing for sea trout in spring, summer and autumn.

Bottom conditions: Here it is particularly the reef you fish on.
Take care of the strong current on the reef.


Address Gniben, Sj. Odde, Gnibenvej
4583 Sjællands Odde
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Longitude: 56.010595957
Latitude: 11.277604747

Gniben - Sj. Odde

Address Gniben, Sj. Odde, Gnibenvej 
4583 Sjællands Odde
T 5991 08 88