Vognsild Church

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The altarpiece of this church dates back to the 17th century but was restored and had beautiful new Easter pictures made by Paul Høm in 1976. The same artist has decorated the pulpit with pictures symbolising the four Evangelists. The previous altarpiece can be seen in the belfry. It represents the crucifixion and was made by L. Toft in 1915. Above the southern door is a tympanum with opposite lions. On the northern side of the belfry is an ashlar with a chessboard. General opening hours: Daily Monday-Thursday + Friday till 12.00.


Address Morumvej 54A, Vognsild
9600 Aars
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Village church


Longitude: 56.7586267705669
Latitude: 9.4248011385087

Vognsild Church

Address Morumvej 54A, Vognsild 
9600 Aars