Storehouse Restaurant & Bar

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Storehouse is a new drink & dine restaurant at Adina Apartment Hotel Copenhagen.

Storehouse Copenhagen will act as a social connection amongst guests and surroundings - a social place for people to eat, relax, meet and socialize. Think of it as you “third space”, your second living room, your office away from the office. A place to escape, to recharge, to brainstorm. To read, listen, think. To meet, to laugh, to eat, to sip.

Casual dining is offered with a focus on sharing. Feel free to drop by for great coffee, satisfying breakfasts, light bites, hearty shared feasts and late drinks.

Accessibility at Storehouse Restaurant & Bar:

Storehouse Restaurant & Bar is accessible by wheelchair users. Unfortunately, there are no wheelchair accessible restrooms at the restaurant or at Adina Apartment Hotel.


Address Amerika Plads 7
2100 København Ø
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Longitude: 55.69799791
Latitude: 12.5935843

Storehouse Restaurant & Bar

Address Amerika Plads 7 
2100 København Ø
T +453969 1000