Hyllebjerg Church

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High up on a hill, with an external stairway to the church tower, stands the church of Hyllebjerg, a Norman style church from around 1250.

The oldest interior equipment are the brick Communiom table and the front featuring a characteristic cable ornament along the edge whose like is only found in very few churches in Northern Jutland. The pulpit from the Renaissance. The beatiful altarpiece holds a replica of Carl Bloch's painting showing the Resurrection (the original hangs in the church chapel of the Palace of Frederiksborg.)

The church of Hyldebjerg is assumed to have close ties to the Cistercian order that built the Vitskøl monastery.

In the period 1982-84 the church underwent a thorough restoration. During this process the original yellow clinkers wich had been covered by a wooden floor came to sight. During the restoration remains of oak also came to sight indicating that the first church on this site may have been a wooden church.


Address Hyllebjergvej 56, Hyllebjerg
9640 Farsø
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Longitude: 56.8270346234939
Latitude: 9.31007120942762

Hyllebjerg Church

Address Hyllebjergvej 56, Hyllebjerg 
9640 Farsø
T 98663048