The Liim Fiord

The Liim Fiord - a Danish holiday paradise

The Liim Fiord

Here at the Liim Fiord you will find tranquil water, fresh air, vast moor landscapes, characteristic nature and a rich animal life. The area offers lovely natural experiences for those, who prefer quiet surroundings, activities, water sport and culture. Experience for instance the moors of Jutland. The moors are especially beautiful in the late summer when the heather is in flower. The hilly fiord landscape has many child-friendly beaches with shallow and calm water, where the young ones can play in the sand or look for amber.

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Many places along the coasts you can sense the fishing culture that dates several hundred years back. The different regional museums present you with an impression of the area. With regard to design, the Liim Fiord area doesn't fall behind either. In Struer the world famous B&O factories are situated, and along the Liim Fiord you will see large windmill farms. Visit e.g. also the little island Venø with Denmarks smallest church - a popular place to get married.

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Holiday home rental in the Limfjord region offers a wide range of lovely holiday homes situated right in the varied nature of the Limfjord. You will find old, charming holiday homes of wood with a view to the fjord and also modern holiday homes with new equipment. If you want to bring the dog, it will not be a problem to find a holiday home at the Limfjord where dogs are welcome If you rent a modern holiday flat with a free Wi-Fi at the cosy marina in Skive, you will be close to shops and an evocative urban life. You could also spend your holiday on the island Fur in a holiday home with a view to the fjord. Whether you choose a holiday home or a holiday flat, you will be sure to find peace and quiet for your holiday.

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The many harbour towns along the Liim Fiord offer everything from sights and activities to specialist shops, gastronomy and nightlife. The main part of the towns in the Liim Fiord area has their own local marina. The largest one is situated in Struer. Skive: Visit the beautifully situated town Skive - rich on museums and galleries. Furthermore, you will find a charming marina, a cosy pedestrian street with good shopping possibilities as well as many good restaurants. Lemvig: Lemvig is a cosy Liim Fiord town that arose in the Middle Ages. The town is surrounded by beautiful nature and offers both shops and restaurants as well as a lovely marina, good beaches and more museums.

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The Liim Fiord landscape offers plenty of outdoor activities, and the inlet is ideal for bathing, yachting, surfing and fishing. The bravest ones can visit the areas for paragliding, but also diving, windsurfing and water-skiing are some of the sports that makes the adrenaline pump. The varied landscape offers lovely natural experiences along some of the many good walking and bicycle tracks in the area. Anglers have good conditions here too, from bridges, the beaches, dinghies, fishing boats as well as in the streams, lakes and Put & Take fishponds of the area. Besides that more golf courses can be found in the area. For one thing the largest golf grounds in northern Europe, Himmerland Golf & Country Club, are situated in the town Gatten.

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Excursion spots

Faarup Sommerland & Aquapark is a diverting amusement park for the whole family - In Aalborg Zoo you can greet 800 animals from all over the world - Hjerl Hede Frilandsmuseum is an interesting live museum for everyone - Monsted Kalkgruber are the world's largest limestone caves - Plenty of flowers and water activities in the park Jesperhus Blomsterpark at the Liim Fiord island Mors - Experience finds from the stone ages, e.g from an old kitchen midden, at a reconstructed village at Stenaldercentret in Ertebolle. Denmark's largest forest area, Rold Skov, covers about 80 square km with hilly ground, forest lakes, springs and a rich animal life. For bird enthusiasts the largest bird sanctuary in northern Europe, Vejlerne, is definitely worth a visit.

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