Sealand is surrounded by shore and offers kilometres of long sandy beaches, which belong among Denmark’s cleanest and most child-friendly beaches.


Sealand is surrounded by coast and offers kilometres of sandy beaches that range among the cleanest and most child-friendly beaches in Europe. Even the woods, bird sanctuaries and chalk cliffs don't resemble anything else. The nature of Sealand is beautiful and comprehensive. The northern part of Sealand is characterized by some of Denmark's largest lakes and forests as well as some of the most beautiful and impressive, old royal palaces. In the south of Sealand you can experience the impressive cliff Stevns Klint. The sea Kattegat and the inlet Isefjord offer the most varying landscapes. Here you will find the best beaches, distinctive moraine formations, the level and dyked inlet Lammefjord, woods and much more.

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Sealand buzzes with culture, history and atmosphere. The history of Sealand dates back several thousand years. Some places you can still experience what it was like to be a viking. Other places you can enjoy the sight of the most well-preserved and magnificent buildings throughout the years.

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Our holiday home rental on Sealand offers holiday homes and flats all over the island. You could e.g. rent a holiday home close to Copenhagen and explore the wide range of cultural options in the capital or enjoy a holiday in a holiday home at the popular beach town Gilleleje. If you are just two people, who want to spend your holiday together in a holiday home, you should profit from our 2-person discount. You will have a decent discount on the holiday home and enjoy your holiday on Sealand. If you rent a holiday home or a flat with a 2 person discount you will be able to go on trips on Sealnd and pamper yourselves with some extra shopping and a delicoius dinner. The 2 person discount is for all of you, who want to spend your holiday in a holiday home - just the two of you. If all of a sudden you want to get away on a mini holiday and just relax for 3-6 days, you should profit from our Here-and-Now holiday.

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The many, cosy provincial towns and the marina environments in Sealand encourage shopping, comfort and cultural experiences. Gilleleje is Sealand's northernmost town with one of the most scenic locations - in the immediate vicinity of both woods and beaches. The citizens of Gilleleje have preserved the idyllic alleys and the beautifully restored houses. The town also has the largest fishing harbour in Sealand. Copenhagen: Denmark's charming capital is a metropolis. The city dates back to the Middle Ages, and the old cobbled streets provide the evocative settings for a vivid cultural life with galleries, museums, music and theatre. Europe's longest pedestrian street, Stroget, with all sorts of shops, winds through the city centre. The café and restaurant life is flourishing at squares and open spaces and along the charming canals. Read more about Copenhagen on or

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The long stretch of coast provides the perfect settings for water sports. Surfing, yachting, diving and bathing are popular activities all over Sealand. Equally, golf players have good possibilities here, as Sealand has a high concentration of golf courts. Because of the sea, the inlets and the numerous lakes and streams, the anglers are able to find a number of ideal fishing spots.

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Excursion spots

The amusement park Sommerland Sjalland offers Sealand's largest aqua park, Amazonas, go-karts, carousels and shooting. Bonbonland contains more than 70 activities for the whole family - by land, by sea and in the air - TIVOLI is a crowd puller. Here the imagination finds no limits - The worlds oldest amusement park Bakken is Pierrot, restaurants, revues, entertainment etc. - Louisiana is the museum of modern art - Copenhagen Zoo consists of f.ex. a tropical zoo (Tropezoo), a night zoo (Natzoo) and a zoo for children (Bornezoo) - Experimentarium is a science center where you can create your own experiences - In Tycho Brahe Planetarium you can experience quite another world - Visit the national landmark of Denmark, The Little Mermaid, at Langelinie.

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