North-eastern Jutland

A holiday in a holiday home in north-eastern Jutland offers vivid ports, hilly landscapes and a rich birdlife among other things.

North-eastern Jutland

North-eastern Jutland is famous for its small cosy seaside towns with the lively harbours and the many child-friendly beaches. Here the water is shallow and the sea, the Kattegat, shows the best side of its character. Some places, the white sandy beaches are replaced by water-meadows and lagoons with a rich bird life. The hinterland is characterized by large moors, hilly landscapes and plantations. Here you will also find many old and interesting village churches, castles, manor houses and historic monuments.

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The area dates back a long time. You can almost feel the presence of Tordenskjold by your side when you visit the tower Krudttaarnet in Frederikshavn. Don't miss a day on the harbour in Hals, where you will find live music and market days throughout the summer.

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If you spend your holiday in a holiday home in the north-east Jutland you will be close to charming market towns, wonderful nature and nice beaches with shallow water and only small waves, just perfect for small children. In this region the holiday home rental covers a highly varied area from Bratten south of Skagen and all the way to Mariager fjord further south. You could also go on a holiday on an island in a holiday home on Läsö, offering a wide range of lovely holiday homes. If you wish to really gear down and save money at the save time, you should go on a long Bonus Holiday. A Bonus Holiday is an offer for you who want to relax in a holiday home for a certain period of time. If you choose the offer of a Bonus Holiday, you should book a holiday housing for at least two weeks. For the first week you pay the normal price, but for the following weeks you will get a discount of each extra week. You can rent a holiday home for up to 28 dats, when choosing a Bonus Holiday. In this way, there will be time for experiences as well as relaxation during the holiday.

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In north eastern Jutland you can spend hours inhaling the evocative atmosphere in the many small fishing villages along the coast. The seaside towns are bursting with activity. Frederikshavn is one of northern Jutland's best commercial towns with plenty of shops and cafés. From here you can go on a 1-day trip to Sweden or the island Läsö. Säby: The charming town is characterized by old well-preserved houses, cobbled streets, the water mill by the stream Säby Å, a cosy marina and a lovely child-friendly beach. Hals: This holiday town has a lively and cosy harbour atmosphere. You can take 5 minutes ferry trip from here across the Liim Fiord to Egense. Aalborg: The old town center of Aalborg offers galleries, shops and the legendary street Jomfru Ane Gade, Denmark's longest amusement street with restaurants and bars. Öster Hurup: The lively and evocative holiday town has a lovely bathing beach, a number of activities, a vivid night life and a modern cosy fishing harbour/marina.

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The whole area along the coast invites water activities. Bathing, windsurfing and all sorts of yachting head the list, but the area is also ideal for anglers as it is possible to fish directly from the beach, from a boat on the sea or in the many streams, lakes and Put & Take fishponds in the hinterland. Golf players also have good possibilities in north eastern Jutland. The varying hinterland is ideal for bicycle rides or hikes. Visit e.g. woods, bird sanctuaries, castles and manor houses on your way.

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Excursion spots

In Aalborg Zoo you can meet 800 animals from all over the world - You will experience jungle paths, rocks, crocodiles and waterfalls in the tropical zoo Randers Regnskov - Try out the more than 60 different activities in the amusement park Djurs Sommerland - The charming island Läsö is located in the middle of Kattegat and has it own unique nature and culture. You can visit the island on a 1-day trip from Frederikshavn. Visit e.g. Läsö Saltsyderi - a historic salt producing workshop. Denmark's second largest forest area, Rold Skov, covers about 80 square kilometres with hilly ground, a number of forest lakes and springs, varied forest, a rich animal life and many walking tracks. The national park is situated south of Aalborg.

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