Lolland, Falster and Mon

Lolland, Falster and Møn form an interesting corner of Denmark with unique and scenic nature and kilometres of beautiful white and sandy beaches.

Lolland, Falster and Mon

These three islands make up an interesting corner of Denmark with the exceptional and scenic nature as well as the beach life on the beautiful, white and sandy beaches. The bathing water is especially suitable for children because of the low content of salt and the level salt meadows. On Falster you'll find the wonderful 20-km-long beach of Marielyst and the impressive forest Corselitze skovene with plenty of historic passage graves and cairns. Boto Nor is a preserved bird sanctuary and an important breeding place for migratory birds. The high chalk cliff 'Mons Klint' on Mon is one of the most famous and frequented natural areas in Denmark. Mon has an abundance of cultural monuments, e.g. the best-preserved ramparts of Scandinavia. Lolland offers an extremely comprehensive coastal landscape with salt meadows, shallow water, fresh reed swamps and a network of paths. The winding roads lead through small, idyllic villages and pass lovely beechwoods, beautiful castles and manor houses.

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The three islands are enriched with a great number of cultural monuments, grave mounds, churches from the Middle Ages, convent ruins, castles and manor houses. In Middelaldercentret (the Middle Ages centre) at Nykobing Falster you can have an educational insight into the past.

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You will find holiday homes for every taste on the three beautiful islands of Lolland, Falster and Mon. Here you can spend your holiday in wonderful nature and families with children can enjoy the child-friendly beaches. Rent a holiday home close to the Marelyst beach, which for several years in a row has been elected the best Danish beach, or find your holiday housing on Mon and visit the impressive cliff Mons Klint. If you want to bring your dog for a holiday in a holiday home, you will find fenced-in dog parks on Lolland, Falster and Mon, where you can let your dog run free. We offer many holiday homes, where your dog is welcome, and you could also rent a holiday home with a fenced in site or a terrace, where your dog can run and play without being observed all the time. Our holiday home rental on Lolland, Falster and Mon will find the right holiday housing for you and your needs.

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The old, cosy provincial towns exude atmosphere and activity. The trading takes place on the cobbled stones and in the beautiful half-timbered houses. Market days are also frequent here. In many places you will have the opportunity of listening to live music and attending festivals. Maribo (Lolland): The cosy square is the rendezvous of the town, but furthermore, the evocative town offers interesting museums and Maribo Cathedral. A stroll along the beautiful lakes is highly recommendable. Nykobing Falster is a vivid commercial town, filled with charm and atmosphere. The town offers museums and sights for both children and adults. At the cosy town square you will find cafés and interesting specialist shops. Stege (Mon): The charming town from the Middle Ages is extremely well-preserved with ist old merchant's houses, squares, narrow alleys, the intact rampart and the big, beautiful town gate. At the same time, Stege is a modern commercial town with good shopping and restaurants.

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The South-Danish archipelago is an Eldorado for anglers, surfers and yachtsmen. However, the bathers also benefit from the long beaches and the lovely water. Golf enthusiasts have no less than 6 golf courses within a radius of 40 km to choose between. From the bicycles you can enjoy a part of the scenic 800-km long bicycle path 'OstersOruten'. Furthermore, the wooded landscape invites walks and hikes. The sea, surrounding the islands, the inlets, lakes and Put & Take fishponds make the area ideal for anglers. Or how about a one-day-trip to Copenhagen? Here you can visit for instance The Little Mermaid, Tivoli, the castle 'Amalienborg Slot' or just spend the day shopping on 'Stroget', Denmark's longest pedestrian street. Read more on

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Excursion spots

Lalandia on Lolland offers a large tropical aqua park and various activities - Go on safari in your own car. In Knuthenborg Safaripark on Lolland the wild animals live freely in their natural surroundings - and right around your car or bus - Middelaldercentret is an open-air museum with authentic reconstructions - In Nykobing Falster Zoo (Folkeparken) you can observe no less than 500 animals, grouped into 94 species.

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