Funen & the islands

Go on holiday in a holiday home on Funen and experience an enchanting world of cosy villages, luxuriant nature and vivid port environments.

Funen & the islands

As soon as you leave the motorway, you immediately sense the atmosphere and the idyll that characterise Funen. With more than 120 castles, manor houses and almost 90 islands, Funen is something quite unique that you will not experience anywhere else. Funen is called 'the garden of Denmark'. Neat gardens, parks and a number of nurseries together with the small cosy village environments characterize the magnificent landscape. Plenty of water, kilometres of beaches, hill sides, dunes, archipelago and marinas are at your disposal here. Inland you can enjoy the green recreational areas, woods, streams, grave mounds, long barrows, manor landscapes and beautiful village churches. All over Funen you will come across the many farm shops and road stalls, where everything from homegrown strawberries to artware and pottery are sold.


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It is no coincident that H. C. Andersen became a writer of fairy tales. Funen and the islands buzz with culture and atmosphere. In almost every town you can experience a village pond, situated among the cosy half-timbered houses, and at almost every wood lies one of the more than 120 manor houses and castles that bear witness of the bygone days of glory. Everywhere in Funen and the islands you will find a number of art workshops and galleries, where you can purchase the unique artefacts directly from the artist. Langeland has Denmark's largest concentration of artists and craftsmen.

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Holiday homes on Funen and the South Funen Archipelago are often just a stone's throw away and child-friendly beaches, culture and attractions are all within reach. Here you will find something to anybody's taste, whether you are a family with children or a couple that just want to spend a holiday the two of you. If you want to spend your holiday in a holiday day with just a short notice, Funen will be a good place for renting a house with the Last Minute discount. Our holiday home rental offers you a Last Minute discount on holiday homes and flats on Funen or on the islands allowing you to save up to 40%. Last Minute holiday homes pop up all the time, so you can pick and choose among a lot of holidy homes. You will have a discount on amusements and attractions when you rent a holiday home with us - on Funen you will have a discount on entry tickets for Fjord og Balt and Odense Zoo.

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Odense: The birth town of H. C. Andersen is a modern and evocative town with small, twisting roads and a fairytale atmosphere. The river Odense Å runs straight through the town, and you can enjoy a peaceful moment on or by the river. Odense is also the third largest town of the country. It has a cosy commercial centre and all kinds of shops along the 3 km long pedestrian street. Odense is also a cultural centre with museums, theatres and music scenes. Read more on The 8 big provincial towns along the coast of Funen ensure that you are never more than 20 minutes away from the nearest pedestrian street with cosy restaurants, cafés and bars - open all year round. The idyllic provincial town Bogense is situated directly by the waters edge. The town is very charming with an old quarter, winding roads, the stream 'Bybakken', which turns and twists through the town, the picturesque harbour and the big marina.

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Funen puts no limit to your fantasy. There is water everywhere, which inspires to activities on or along the water. Enjoy for instance a day on one of the many lovely and child-friendly beaches that enclose the island. Here you can swim, surf, dive, sail or fish. The angler has good opportunities both on Funen and on Langeland, as it is possible to catch sea trout directly from the coast. From almost every seaside town you can go on a cruise in the archipelago of Funen, whether you wish to sail to another island or go on a cruise onboard one of the old wooden ships. Furthermore, Funen offers a great deal of golf courses - more of international standard. Hiking enthusiasts can follow Denmark’s longest hiking trail Ohavsstien, which surrounds the South Funen archipelago. The trail is 220 kilometres long and leads you through scenic landscapes and past manor houses, villages and culture landscapes.

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Excursion spots

A comprehensive animal world awaits you in Odense Zoo - Enjoy the sight of Odense from a tour boat on the river Odense Aa - The castle Egeskov Slot is characterized as Europe's best preserved Renaissance island fort - The elegant halls of the privately owned castle Valdemar Slot contain art and noble rococo interiour - In Fjord- & Balt-centret you can come into contact with porpoises from the outdoor bridge or the long underwater tunnel - Odense Bys Museer consits of the 8 most interesting museums in Odenses, i.a. the childhood home of H.C. Andersen - The old village 'Den Fynske Landsby' by Odense is a open-air museum showing a Funen village environment from about the year 1850. Read more on

In Svendborg, you will  find Denmark's Forsorgsmuseum, which tells the story of the life that unfolded in orphanages, poorhouses, workhouses, and nursing homes, with a special focus from the mid-1800s to the present day.

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