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The requirement for a negative coronation test before entry into Denmark enters into force at 00.00 between 26 and 27 December and is valid until 17 January.

This applies to everyone over the age of 15. And there is no distinction between vaccinated and non-vaccinated.

Only PCR and Antigen tests are sufficient. Do not self-test. PCR must not have been taken 72 hours before - Antigen must not have been taken 48 hours before. If you are resident in Denmark, you can be tested up to 24 hours after crossing the border.

There is a fine of DKK 3,500 if you can not be presented with a negative test when you have crossed the border and do not reside in Denmark.

Please find information about the danish restrictions hier:

We look forward to be able to welcome all our foreign visitors to a holiday in a Danish holiday home.


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