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The coronavirus pandemic has created concern all over the world and countries everywhere have put measures in place to prevent the spread of the virus.

The Danish authorities continuously assess the individual countries' infection rate and therefore the situation changes in relation to who can enter Denmark. Unfortunately, developments in the world mean that the Danish authorities have decided to close the borders to travelers without a recognizable purpose from all countries. However there are exceptions – guests from German Schleswig-Holstein and from parts of Sweden still have the opportunity to enter Denmark.

We look forward to be able to welcome all our foreign visitors to a holiday in a Danish holiday home.


Questions and answers

How are we doing if the Danish authorities decide to close the border to Denmark due to covid-19, and we thus can not get access to our booked holiday home?

What are the restrictions on moving in public space?

Are there any restrictions relating to tourists who are allowed to visit Denmark?

We have booked a holiday home for a period of time that takes place when the Danish borders are closed to tourists from a country with too high an infection pressure – what are our options?

How can we use our credit note?

Is staying in a holiday home a safe way to enjoy a holiday?

Can we move into our rented holiday home without coming into contact with any personnel?

What do we do if one of us catches the coronavirus and becomes ill just before we go on holiday?

One or more of our travelling group are especially vulnerable if they catch the coronavirus. What should we do in relation to insurance?

What do we do if we suspect that one of our party has caught the coronavirus while we are on holiday in the holiday home?

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