Spend your holiday in scenic surroundings in the area of the Aalborg Bugt


Use the holiday home as your base and experience the longest Natura 2000 area in Denmark, beautiful sandy beaches and cosy towns on the Kattegat coast or round the Mariager Fjord.

Life on the beach to the north of Ø. Hurup Havn

Enjoy the undisturbed nature in Lille Vildmose, a rich bird and animal life, beautiful sandy beaches, idyllic streams, strawberry fields, where you can pick your own strawberries, beautiful, old castles, cosy little towns and a wide range of private holiday homes

The Aalborg Bugt is a bay in the Kattegat to the east of Northen Jutland. From the Aalborg Bugt the Limfjorden, Mariager Fjord and Randers Fjord wind their way into Jutland, and Lille Vildmose faces the bay. You find wide areas of holiday homes between Egense at the outlet of the Limfjorden, at Øster Hurup, southwest of Vildmosen, at Als, down to the Mariager Fjord.

Als Odde at the outlet of the Mariager FjordAalborg Bugt is the biggest Natura 2000 area in Northern Jutland and the longest Natura 2000 area in the country. Natura 2000 is a network of protected nature resorts within the EU. The areas are obliged to keep and protect various biotopes and wild animals and vegetation, which are rare, threatened or characteristic of the EU countries.
Beaches at the Aalborg Bugt
Egense beach is to the north. In 2005 Egense got its own, artificial, 250 ml long sandy beach in connection with the marina. The lovely, child-friendly beach has got the White Flag (guarantees the quality of bathing water).

At Mulbjerge and the valley Stejlgabet there is a pier, from which you can bathe. There is a beautiful sandy beach with calm and clear water. Cars are not allowed on the beach. The beach has got the White Flag. The Muldbjergene is very popular with kite surfers.

To the south you find the popular beach Øster Hurup. The white sandy beach, kilometres long, has small dunes and the White Flag. The beach is very child-friendly with small waves and shallow water along the coast. Apart from bathing, sun-bathing and various activities, the beach is also perfect for windsurfing. You can also go for a swim at the Kattegat coast by Als Odde with particularly good conditions for windsurfing.  Sailing and water skiing are also popular activities in this area.

Activities in the Aalborg Bugt region
All summer there are lots of activities in the region of the Aalborg Bugt. You could e.g. go to the the flea market in Ø. Hurup, that takes place every Tuesday morning, or you could visit the MC and car rally at Hvirvelkærgård, Kystvejen 11, Hadsund, on 6 July 2016. 
You could also visit the harbor of Hobro and watch the start of Nordisk Sejlads, with big and beautiful sailing ships leaving the Mariager Fjord in a convoy, and the regatta on the 3 July 2016 that starts at the outlet close to Als Odde. If you are on holiday close to Egense, you could take the ferry to Hals; the ferry departs every 10 minutes. In Hals you find shops, restaurants, weekly flea markets, entertainment, amusement and activities for the whole family.
Strawberry field at SkelundPick your own strawberries
Pick your own strawberries in the region of the Aalborg Bugt. In the summer you can go out and pick your own strawberries e.g. at Skelund Bærland, 8 km from Øster Hurup. The season starts in the beginning of or in the middle of June. Bring a big bowl and enjoy walking between the many rows of strawberries and pick the most beautiful, sweet strawberries and feel free to taste one now and then. The strawberries will be weighed and you pay by the kilo at a very fair price (about DKK 25 a kilo).  

Lindenborg Å 
If you love to canoe, Lindenborg Å is the perfect place. Lindenborg Å, which is part of the Natura 2000 area, has a splendid nature. The river is 47 km long and really brings you in close contact with nature. You can rent a canoe/kayak or you can bring your own. As a rule, it is not allowed to go ashore, unless you have a permission from the owner of the bank.

Saltcentret i Mariager
At the Mariager Saltcenter at the Mariager Fjord you will meet a world of salt. You can take the elevator down into an old salt mine, visit the cinema, see the exhibition and learn about the procedure of salt seething in the hut. You could also take a relaxing bath in the warn salt pool, which is almost like bathing in the Dead Sea. You can finish your visit with a lunch or coffee at the cosy Café Saltbøssen with a view of the Mariager Fjord. If you want to find a special present for your family or friends, you will find various kinds of herb salt, crystal soaps, salt lamps etc. in the Saltshoppen. 

When you are in the area, don't miss the cosy harbour and the old town Mariager by the Mariager Fjord. Mariager, the town of roses, was a few years ago awarded the CittaSlow recognion. Cittaslow towns are towns that protect the identity and the soul of the town in interaction with modern times and new technologies. You will find history, nature, culture, and excellent local products.

Fyrkat, Hobro
In a scenic area right outside of Hobro, you can get close to the daily life of the Vikings at the Vikingecenter Fyrkat. Vikingecenter Fyrkat comprises i.a. nine reconstructed houses with a ring fortress and workshops. The impressive citadel, Fyrkatbogen, was erected in 980 during the reign of King Harald Bluetooth. Right outside the ring fortress, there is a reconstruction of one of the longhouses. There are lots of activities during the summer and over the weekends 9 - 10 July 2016 there will be a Viking market at the citadel.

Biking tourists enjoying the lovely viewLille Vildmose

Lille Vildmose in Østhimmerland is an Eldorado for nature lovers and people interested in history. The area is the biggest, protected region in Denmark, covering more than 76 square kilometers, and it comprises for instance the biggest bog in the north-western part of Europa and unique nature as well as grazing woods.

In Lille Vildmose you can see golden eagles, sea eagles, cranes, wild boards, stags and hinds and other big animals out in the open. Enjoy the silence, the smells, the changing of the seasons, the open range, bird life and the abundance of smaller animals and plants.

On 19 November 2015 history was made when a number of Swedish moose calves arrived in Lille Vildmose. In the summer of 2016 it will be possible to see the impressive animals walking around in the biggest, preserved area in Denmark - exactly as they did 5000 years ago.  Up to about 40 red deer will be released into the wild.

If you want to experience the history of the nature and culture of Lille Vildmose, you could join one of the many guided tours in the summer period.  You will have a quite extraordinary nature experience and the guide will tell you about the cultural history of the landscape.
Lille Vildmosecentret
Right in the centre of Lille Vildmose you find the Lille Vildmosecentret - a live communication centre that offers an insight into the nature and culture values of the moor. The Lille Vildmosecentret is the natural basis of a visit to the moor. You can e.g. watch nature movies in the cinema, take a trip in the eagle simulator and look at plants and animals in the nature workshop.

Right next to the centre you find the beautiful, old farm Vildmosegård from the year 1768. Here you find tables, benches and a grill, where you can enjoy your food. You could also visit the nice Café Soldug, that serves light refreshments.

Visborggård, Hadsund
At the Visborggård castle you can visit the beautiful renaissance garden, open to the public. Visborggård is one of the most wonderful and most exciting manors in the country and has a history, that is definitely worth knowing.  
Archaeological excavations have revealed trace of building work on the site, dating back to the year 1000. The position has been good and the surrounding land and woods have been excellent sources of income and the area has profited on the location close to the Mariager Fjord.
In 1938 it was taken over by the state and subdivided.

Idyll at the holiday homeIdyll at the holiday home

Hire a holiday home in the region of the Aalborg Bugt, enjoy the beautiful nature and explore the neighbouring region at your own pace. 

The nice town of Dokkedal is located by the coast, facing the Kattegat, at about 10 km to the south of the Limfjorden. The holiday homes round Dokkedal are all situated in a wonderful nature landscape, oozing peace and quiet. 

Øster Hurup is a lovely place for hiring a private holiday home and in many of our houses, dogs are welcome. The harbour of Øster Hurup is a cosy and modern fishing harbour and a marina, full of life and activities. You can buy fresh fish every day.

Let the holiday home be your base and go on trips. The area around Aalborg Bugt is perfect for walking and biking. The area is mainly flat and therefore suited for bikers. Wonderful nature experiences are waiting for you on the marked routes taking you on a trip along the coast of the Kattegat or through the beautiful Østhimmerland and around the Mariager Fjord.

Enjoy the little video film about Aalborg Bugt and the beautiful nature.

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