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Go on holiday in a private holiday home in Denmark and get some extraordinary experiences. This is what we would like to suggest as to the best hits for your holiday.

Three wanderers on the new route
Take a walk on the Camøno – The friendliest route for walkers in the Kingdom
Experience the new route for walkers on Møn, the Camøno, winding over a length of 175 km on the three south Zealand isles, Møn, Nyord and Bogø, and which is a counterpart to the famous, Spanish route, the Camino. On the trip you will have an overflow of different experiences - as to nature as well as to culture. The Camøno is an offer for everybody with challenges for experienced as well as beginners, and grown-ups and children can join in. Along the route you can stay the night in e.g. a tent, at a B&B, in a shelter, in a private holiday home or even at a castle. 

Bridge walking at LillebæltTry Bridgewalking at Lillebælt
Bridgewalking Lillebælt is a new, unique attraction in Europe. Go the the Lillebælt and take a walk on the bridge and feel the height and the butterflies in your stomach. Enjoy the splendid view and feel the wind and the bridge slightly quivering.

The trip on the Lillebæltsbro starts at the Velkomstcenteret in Middelfart, where a guide will meet you and prepare you for the fabulous trip. You walk together from the Velkomstcentret to the Old Lillebæltsbro. Here you will be coupled to a safety system and this is where the trip really starts upwards to a height of 60 meters - and out on the bridge. The trip takes about two hours and on the way the guide tells you about the history of the bridge and the nature surrounding Lillebælt.  You can stay overnight in the holiday home resort by Lillebælt.     

The mark of the city of AarhusGo for a Skywalk at the museum of arts Aros in Aarhus 
Go up on the roof of the Aros Kunstmuseum and experience the colourful piece of art, the "Your Rainbow Panorama", by the Danish/Icelandic artist Olafur Eliassons, a piece of art that has become a mark of Aarhus. Eliasson's masterpiece is a 150 m long and 3 m wide circular walkway, made of glass in every colour of the rainbow and with a 360 degree view of the city and the bay of Aarhus. And don’t miss the museum itself, where you can see galleries full of contemporary and eye-catching temporary exhibitions as well as a selection of permanent exhibition.
You could stay overnight in a holiday home in the region.  

The participants enjoy nature and the horses
Travel as they did in the Wild West 
Rental of horses and prairie wagons at South Funen gives you a holiday that does not require any knowledge about horses. An active holiday of a week full of practical doings and nature experiences in the woods and on the beach, and last, but not least, the feeling of being taken from one camping ground to the another by two good-natured Norwegian ponies.

The wagons are decorated as caravans with sleeping accomodations for 4 persons. You can do your cooking in the wagon and store food in a gas fridge. Further, there is a chemical toilet, various kitchen utensils and much more. The wagon can take 5 persons and all arrangements have to be made beforehand. 
You will find time tables and prices at

Sailing for tourists in a Viking shipGo on an exciting trip onboard a Viking ship
Maritimt Forsøgscenter offers 3 and 6 hours trips in Viking ships on the Roskilde Fjord in the period from 1 May till 30 September. You can go on a Viking ship and smack boats, constructed in accordance with ancient Nordic boat building traditions. The offer is for everybody, since the instructor from the centre is always onboard. As a passenger you take an active part in the sailing. Before sailing you will have a brief instruction and during the trip the instructor tells you about the fjord, its history and the ships.
The trip might e.g. take you to the preserved peninsula of Bognæs or along the coast. You can go ashore and anchor for a swim in the sea. You could also try to row the boat yourselves and to sail with a sail. If you need an overnight stay, a holiday home in the area could be a possibility 

The highest climbing mast in DenmarkTry to climb the highest climbing mast in Denmark
It really is a unique experience to climb 44 meters to the top and enjoy the view. Everybody can climb, because the climbing grips are big and the instructor ensures safety. Children and grown-ups - everybody is welcome to climb to the top and look down at Ry in Central Jutland - beautifully surrounded by lakes and huge forests. The mast was erected in three pieces according to old, maritime traditions. Originally, the mast was the highest tree in Denmark, in the woods close to Ry, but a storm tipped the 52 m tall "giant" over. 
You could e.g. stay overnight in a holiday home in Ry.

Rides in the beautiful region of ThyGo on horseback in the wildest nature in Denmark
The Rideruten Thy is a marked route in the wildest of nature in Denmark. The route is about 100 km - from the southernmost part of the Nationalpark Thy at Lodbjerg to the northernmost part of the Municipality of Thisted at Bulbjerg. The route makes it possible for you to plan and carry out the ride over several days.

At the tourist office in Thisted you can fetch the brochure "Rideruten Thy". The brochure contains a map of Rideruten Thy, a brief introduction to private providers of overnight stays for horses and riders, guided tours and other things of interest for riders on their way.

Beach sailor on his way at full speedExperience beach sailing on Fanø
"JJ BloKart Team. Strandsejlads" welcomes you into a universe of white, sandy beaches at the most beautiful and fantastic west coast on Fanø. 

You can test a wind powered toy, a genuine BloKart, also known as a beach sailer. Come and feel the wind blowing and get a wonderful feeling of a silent breath. BioKarts are funny and fast and you decide the speed. Before starting out, you will have a compulsory basic course to learn how to drive on a marked field, by a professional instructor. You will learn this in 10 minutes, whatever your age is. You could also hire a two-seat BloKart, so the entire family can have a try. If you want to stay overnight, we recommend one of our many, lovely private holiday homes on Fanø

Denmark has so much to offer. Spend your holiday in a private holiday home in Denmark and have experiences a little out of the ordinary.

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