Five historical places in Odsherred


Spend your holiday in a holiday home in Odsherred and experience five historical places

Solvognen - a bronze age finding

Unique experiences for grown-ups as well as small ones in Odsherred. Visit Geopark Odsherred - a protected landscape from the glacial period protected by UNESCO - come and see a copy of Denmarkchar's most famous bronze age items at the museum of Odsherred in Nykøbing Sjælland, go 25.000 years back in time, become a part of life among knights and other good people in the Viking age and the Middle Ages at the squire mansion of Ulvsborg and visit the fabled Næsholm Borgruin and experience the noise of wings of history at the castle of Dragsholm. 

If you spend your holiday in a holiday home in Odsherred you live close to historic attractions in the middle of an amazing landscape of the glacial period. Sol og Strand Sommerhusudlejnings offers a wide range of beautiful holiday homes in Odsherred at various price ranges, and we are pleased to present to you 3 holiday homes, selected by us:
Holiday home in HavnsøHavnsø

The first holiday home is situated in Havnsø, just 25 metres off the beach and with a panorama view of the sea. You can see Nekselø and Sejero from the house. You could sit on the terrace and enjoy just being close to nature and still not far from attractions. For instance the castle of Dragsholm is just 6 km away from the holiday home. For more information, see


Holiday home in GrevingeGrevinge

The second holiday home is in Grevinge by the Isefjord on a very big natural plot and just 10 metres from the sea. The holiday home has a couple of beautiful terraces equipped with lovely garden furniture and the bathing options are multiple as there is a wooden pier close by. If you have children, they would just love to go and see the sheep close to the holiday home. For more information, see.

Holiday home at Sjællands OddeSjællands Odde

The third and last holiday home is an exclusive home situated at Sjællands Odde about 75 m from the Kattegat. The position of the holiday home is just wonderful, which means that you can really relax in the beautiful environment.  There is plenty of room outdoor and indoor and as a curiosity we would like to mention that the holiday home is positioned in one of the very best places for diving in Denmark. For more information, see.

Sol og Strand has 35 yearschar(39) of experience in the rental of holiday homes and offers a wide range of holiday homes in Odsherred - small as well as big holiday homes, simple as well as luxurious holiday homes and homes, where it is possible to bring your dog. For more information, see.

Experience history in Odsherred
Odsherred was created about 15000 years ago during the latest glacial period, where the varied and dramatic landscape was gradually shaped by the movements of the ice. Odsherred comprises one of the most interesting geographic landscapes form the glacial period - the Odsherredsbuerne, which shows a big number of barrows from the bronze age. Make the holiday home your base to go out for a trip to some of the unique historic places in Odsherred. We present you here to five historic places that we recommend. 

Geopark Odsherred
Geopark Odsherred is characterized by the decisive importance of the landscape of the glacial period on food production, art, and the history of civilization. Geopark Odsherred entered the worldwide Global Geoparks Networks under UNESCO in 2014 and is the first Danish Geopark ever.  The beautiful landscape of the glacial period is perfect for treks on marked routes. 

The Sun Chariot of Trundholm is one of the best known national treasures of Denmark - a unique bronze age finding of bronze and gold. It was found in 1902 during  plowing at Trundholm Moor south of Højby and it is an offering dating back to the late bronze age about 1300 BC.  You can see a beautiful copy of the Sun Chariot of Trundholm at the Museum of Odsherred in Nykøbing Sjælland. You could also take a longer trip and see the original Sun Chariot of Trundholm, exhibited at the National Museum in Copenhagen.
Ulvsborg Historiske Værksted is the only experience workshop in the country that tries to reconstruct and animate Denmark in the period from 1050 to 1250 AC. Go back in time to the year of 1150 and follow in Saxochar(39)s footsteps. Meet the lord of the castle, the craftsman, the monk or the bondsman and learn about everyday life in the countryside and the various social groups at the time. In the summertime you can even become "a bondsman for a day". At the Knigtschar(39) Festival you can see e.g. knight tournaments, fights, middle age market and music - an exciting journey back to the middle ages for the entire family.
Næsholm Borgruin
Næsholm Borgruin and Nygård Sø are situated between Højby and Nykøbing Sjælland. The building of the castle and the original pile bridge has been set to about the year 1278 by the National Museum. The army of Valdemar Atterdag is presumed to have conquered and burnt down the castle in 1340. The new pile bridge - the gate to the Middle Ages - is an almost perfect reconstruction of the initial bridge. The approximately 80 meter long bridge was open to the public in 2013 and is a milestone of a magnificent project of cultural heritage that also includes the restoration of Nygaard Sø, which almost encircles Næsholm. 

Dragsholm Slot
Dragsholm Castle is one of the oldest buildings in Denmark. The castle is in fact a fortress that served as fortification. It was probably built by the Bishop of Roskilde early 13th century and converted into a solid defence castle in the 15th century. Today the castle is a modern hotel with award-winning restaurants, where the menu is based on raw materials from the dammed up Lammefjord. Dragsholm Castle has achieved a unique reputation as one of the best restaurants in Denmark and is definitely worth a visit - from a historical as well as from a gastronomic point of view.  

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