Experience beautiful delicacies in Løkken


Løkken is a wonderful, little pearl at the North Sea coast. The nice holiday town has a lot of good and inspiring experiences for you, who spend your holiday in a holiday home.

View from the dunes to the beach in Løkken with the North Sea and small, white bathing huts on the beach.
Løkken is a wonderful, little pearl at the North Sea coast. The nice holiday town has a lot of good and inspiring experiences for you, who spend your holiday in a holiday home. The area offers a lot, e.g. an exceptionally beautiful nature, lovely shops, interesting gastronomic experiences and a lot of cultural attractions. Take a walk among the small, cosy yellow houses and enjoy a holiday, where you set the pace and what is going to happen. There is so much to see in Løkken and if you want to, you could go on exciting trips to the neighbouring cities. The wonderful nature at the North Sea coast has inspired a lot of artisans and you will therefore find a lot of interesting artisans in this area.
Holiday home 11-4269Holiday home with a view to the sea
This lovely holiday home has an elevated position in a beautiful oasis of lyme grass and with a view on the North Sea. On the two lovely terraces you can enjoy your food in scenic surroundings. If you need a little warmth and atmosphere, the house has a wonderful burning oven in the living room There is also a sauna and a whirlpool for real relaxation.
Holiday home 11-4363Holiday home in the town
Experience this beautiful and faultless town house close to the centre of Løkken and the beautiful beach. Just relax and enjoy a glass of good wine in the undisturbed back garden or take a nice walk on the beach. The house has a fantastic inflow of light in the bathroom on the 1st floor with a wonderful bathtub on claw feet positioned under the big skylight.
Holiday home 11-4329Holiday home with a lovely inflow of light
In this lovely holiday home, you can enjoy the wonderful light passing through the big windows. The house has a nice burning oven, that you can enjoy from the cosy sitting room. When you are on the terrace, you can light a fire in the nice, outdoor fireplace that gives warmth and atmosphere. From the terrace there is a lovely view on the dunes with lime grass, waving in the wind.
A particularly beautiful nature
When you get to Løkken, there is just so much beautiful nature to see. The North Sea is something quite unique and it is just so lovely to take a walk on the wide, sandy beach with its white sand in the morning at sunrise and in the evening at sunset. The beach is characterized by beautiful, white bathing huts, all aligned between the dunes and the roaring North Sea.  The old fishing boats are drawn onto the beach, when the fishermen bring the catch of the day, and the beautiful, old boats give the beach a special, charming look. When you are on the beach, it would be a natural thing to go to the pier to enjoy a tasty ice-cream cone while watching the sun setting over the sea.
The beautiful Rubjerg Knude lighthouse shows up when you have entered the wide dunes. The tower is partly covered by sand, but there is still access to the lighthouse. From the top of the lighthouse you can enjoy the view on the North Sea, which is so beautiful at any time of the day, but in particular when the colourful paragliders become a part of the dynamic setting of the sky. 

In the town of Løkken there is a lot of small shops selling cloths, arts and crafts and antiquities. You can go exploring and find interesting objects to bring back home. Close to Løkken you find a series of small towns with charming shops such as e.g. the popular town of Lønstrup. If you want to go shopping in a more spacious area, you might visit the cities nearby. Cities like Hjørring and Aalborg have a lot of shops and nice cafés as well as restaurants, where you can enjoy a needed rest, when the shopping bags have become too heavy.

In Løkken you will find a lot of interesting handicraft and a lot of places with open workshops that allow you to see the production of unique objects. If you want to see more arts and more shops, it would be an obvious thing to visit the nearby town Lønstrup that also offers a lot in the field of handicraft.
If you want to see exhibitions in wonderful settings, you should visit the old monastery of Børglum. The beautiful monastery presents a series of historical and artistic exhibitions in the wonderful, old rooms. There is just so much to see and experience in the monastery of Børglum, and if you need a rest, you can have an appetizing lunch and refreshments at the café of the monastery.

Gastronomy and beautiful delicacies
In Løkken there is a lot of good restaurants and cosy cafés. There is quite a wide range of dishes for any taste. At Løkkens Vejkro you can have a gourmet experience out of the ordinary. Gastronomy and good raw materials have top priority. The menu offers a mix of classical dishes, but also new and exciting taste sensations. This is definitely worth a visit if you want to indulge yourselves.
Local specialities are also a part of a visit to Løkken. Try out the rural experience of buying fresh fish directly from the fishing boats on the beach. Take the fish back to the house and prepare exciting dishes in quiet surroundings. If you need a little something for your sweet tooth, you should visit Bolcheriet. The open workshop gives you a unique chance to see the production of boiled sweets. When you have seen how the colourful sweets are made, you will be offered tastes and you can buy your favourite sweets to bring home. If you are interested in special beer, you should pay a visit to Løkken Bryghus, offering locally brewed beer. Enjoy a lovely, refreshing and cold beer on a hot summer day in the lovely rooms of the brewery or buy some to take back home and enjoy them on the terrace of the holiday home to have a lovely ending of a perfect holiday.

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