Cosiness in Blokhus - experience the old fishing hamlet


Blokhus is simply the epitome of beautiful nature, wonderful beaches, a lot of holiday homes and nice surroundings.

A summer day at the beach in Blokhus

Go on holiday with the whole family in a holiday home in Blokhus, Northern Jutland and feel the lovely atmosphere of the former fishing hamlet. Sol og Strand Feriehusudlejning offers a wide range of private holiday homes in the charming holiday town. Please see our website and look at our range of private holiday homes in Blokhus. You can choose from various categories of houses for families with children or couples that want to have a good time in beautiful nature surroundings close to the roaring North Sea. You can also find quite a lot of houses, where you can bring your pet along.

Blokhus offers one of the absolutely best beaches and an active city life with concerts and other activities during summer. Behind the city and the beach, the beautiful landscape is characterized by dunes and heath, perfect for a nice walk or ride or a cycling trip. Blokhus has lovely experiences for the whole family in amazing nature. 

/ Plenty of life at Blokhus beachThe beach
The biggest attraction in Blokhus is the white, sandy beach, which is extremely popular with families with children. Grown-ups as well as children can have a ball playing on the beach and bathing, and this is also where you find the beautiful old, white bathing houses and the historic navigation mark.

On the beach at Blokhus, safety is of utmost importance. There are lifeguards in the red and white safeguard tower, and during eight weeks in the summer period the lifeguards are there from 11 a.m. till 7 p.m. keeping an eye on all guests on the beach. If you bring your dog for your holiday, Blokhus is the perfect place, as dogs on a leash are allowed on the beach.

The beached finwhale in Blokhus
Beached whale in Blokhus

Most of you probably remember the 18 m long, dead finwhale that beached in Blokhus last February. The whale was quite an attraction and thousands of people rushed to Blokhus for a look. The huge skeleton will in future belong to Nordsøen Oceanarium in Hirtshals, about 50 km north of Blokhus.

Fårup Sommerland
If you are on holiday with children, Fårup Sommerland is simply a must. Fårup Sommerland has been elected the best amusement park in the Nordic Countries several times and is one of the biggest tourist attractions in Denmark. It has everything, from wild roller coasters to the biggest and wettest aqua park in Denmark. You could also just relax in the shadows of the trees and enjoy preparing lunch at the big barbecue area, where lit grills are at your disposal.

Gateway Blokhus 
Apart from Fårup Sommerland, Gateway Blokhus in Blokhus Klitplantage also offers beautiful nature experiences. Here children can romp on the big nature playground, and the grown-ups can walk the dog and together you can have a good time with your packed food. Gateway Blokhus is also a popular excursion spot for people interested in sports, as the gateway offers routes for walking, biking and mountain biking.  

In 2016, Gateway Blokhus also offers art experiences. The Gateway was chosen as the destination of the LAND-SHAPE festival 2016.

Natural art on a big scale

Visit Gateway Blokhus on 2, 3 and 4 June. The LAND-SHAPE festival is a new kind of art festival featuring experience, where you will be involved in the art projects. You will meet nature art on a large scale, have the possibility of working with artists from Northern Jutland and international artists that work in the room of nature. Apart from exciting pieces of work, the festival will include debates, symposium, music, entertainment and activities for the whole family with interesting offers for big and small ones. Furthermore, there will be a spectacular route of art experiences in the woods, which will also be available in the future. Join in and have a wonderful day full of good nature experiences and entertainment.  

Sculpture park with wild animalsSee the wildest animals in the world in Blokhus
Saturday in Whitsun the new established Skulpturpark in Hune at Blokhus opens with the theme "The wildest animals in the world". Have an artistic sense experience in the new sculpture park of 20,000 m2. Here you will find beautiful wooden sculptures, sand sculptures, iron sculptures, stone sculptures, bronze sculptures and a lot more. In the days from 3 to 5 June (10-17) you can watch famous wooden sculptures working with their power saws based on the theme "The wildest animals in the world".

Anne Justs Have
If you have had enough of beach life, Anne Justs Have in Hune close to Blokhus is definitely worth a visit. The brightly coloured garden covers 6,500 m2, and when the famous Danish actress Ghita Nørby visited the garden in 2014, she described the garden as follows: "Being here in the garden in Tune is like having a life-giving injection of all the best in the world. - Hune Haven is the garden of the soul. You can laugh and be astonished and surprised all the time."

The town of Blokhus
The holiday town of Blokhus offers lots of events and arrangements, and especially in the summer months there is a wide range of activities. Most shops, restaurants, pubs and ice-cream stalls in Blokhus are situated round the city square, where concerts and other activities take place during the summer. There are good shopping possibilities and a lot of good restaurants in the city, and during the peak season there is also a cheerful night life.

Enjoy the little video about Blokhus and look forward to a holiday full of cosiness and beautiful experiences.

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