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If you spend your holiday in a holiday home in Northern Zealand and if you are interested in modern art, a visit to Louisiana is simply a Must.

Louisiana, Museum of Modern Art, offers new, exciting art experiences during summer. See the exhibitions Illumination, Picasso before Picasso, Poul Gernes and Louisiana Classics.

New contemporary art at Louisiana
Louisiana presents an exciting selection of paintings, photos, sculptures and installations, that have either been acquired or donated to the museum within the last three years. This is the biggest presentation of new art in the collection of the almost 60 years old history of the museum.

Illumination presents works by i.a. Alex Da Corte, Andreas Gursky, Cindy Sherman, Franz West, Julie Mehretu, Tacita Dean and many others from the global scene of art.

The new works fill the southern flank of the museum, but are also to be seen at other places at Lousiana, i.a. in the northern flank. Here you can experience more works, exposed in and around the Giacometti-hall. Furthermore, a sculptural tower by the Swiss artist Not Vital "House to Watch the Sunset" has found its permanent place in the Skulpturparken.

An online presentation of the new works at the exhibitions Illumination and Fire Under Snow, can also be found at

You can visit the exhibition until 1 September 2016. 

PICASSO BEFORE PICASSO - 28 drawings from Museu Picasso, Barcelona

A series of works by the very young Picasso brings us pretty close to the birth of the genius, because it includes the germ of the Picasso, that left a lasting imprint on the history of art in the first half of the 20th century.

Pablo Picasso (1881-1973) was a divine illustrator and artist - even before becoming Picasso. What is so interesting and fascinating about him is not just the fact that he had the technical skills as a boy, but he also showed a maturity about humanity, which is revealed in his capability of observing people and lived lives. Every single one of his drawings does not just bear witness of what to come, but also of a rare and unmatched ability of empathy. 

Pablo Picasso moved to the northern Spanish town La Coruña just before he turned 10. He lived there with his family from 1891-1895, and this is where he starts his education as an artist, taught at first by his father José Ruiz and later as a student at the local academy of art. While at school Pablo began on a course of self-tuition in which he depicted urban life. From 1894 and on you can see a tendency of caricature in the four works. 

Picasso's mother, María Picasso and his sister Dolores Ruiz Picasso, called Lola, were the models for many of his female figures, and Lola appeared in numerous sketches, drawings and a few paintings. After the death of his mother, Lola was the one, who took care of the works, that Picasso left in the family home in Barcelona. These works later became the core of the collection in the Museu Picasso.

You can visit the exhibition until 11 September 2016. 

Cool, colourful, rough, wildly experimental and visionary. The summer exhibition at Lousiana about Poul Gernes is a strong, fun, beautiful and ambiguous story about one of the real great Danish artists of the post-war generation. 

To a lot of people Poul Gernes (1925-1996) relates to his impressive, public decoration jobs such as the Palads cinema in Copenhagen and the Herlev Hospital. Today he is considered by some people to be a colourful, optimistic designer, whereas others see him as a critic incarnate of capitalism and a ground-breaking person as to a new perception of the role of art and the artist in society.

You can visit the exhibition until 11 September 2016. 

Throughout the summer you can see a selection of the most important and classical works and names, i.a. Lichtenstein, Picasso, Warhol and Yves Klein in the western flank of the museum.

You can have the possibility of seeing again artists like Dennis Oppenheim, Jean Dubuffet, Morris Louis and Sam Francis. You can also see newly achieved works in the collection, by i.a. Öyvind Fahlström, Sigurdur Gudmundsson and Kiki Kogelnik.
The Louisiana collection comprises a little more than 3.700 works, in particular from the period 1945 until today. 

You can visit the exhibition until 21 August 2016.

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Source: Louisiana newsletter July 2016

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