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Romo, Havneby is a cosy holiday area with harbor, golf course, restaurants and plenty of lovely holiday homes for every taste. And close to Romo, Havneby you will find one of Denmark´s widest beaches. Thanks to the scenic nature and the many leisure activities, Romo, Havneby is a popular area for holiday home rental.


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The cosy town Havneby is situated 8 km south of the dam, on the eastern coast of the scenic Wadden Sea island Romo. The holiday houses in the Havneby area are situated in a beautiful and quiet moor area, and most of the houses have a view of either the Wadden Sea or the North Sea. The cosy harbour area has a quite unique and peaceful island harbour atmosphere, and both birds and seals can be observed here. You can sail to the island Sylt from here. Havneby is a suitable destination if you wish to swim, fish, walk and drive on bicycle in the idyllic landscape. It is possible to buy groceries in Havneby. The nearest larger town is Skarbak, which is situated on the mainland, 23 km from Havneby. Romo is connected with the mainland through dam. The lovely nature, the long wide and sandy beach, the Wadden Sea, the North Sea, the fresh sea breeze, the rich wildlife, the many birds, the well-preserved Rømø-farms and the cosy atmosphere makes Romo an interesting holiday destination.

One of Denmark's widest sandy beaches Sonderstrand is situated close to the holiday home area Havneby on Romo The Danish Wadden Sea shore in Havneby is a wildlife refuge zone Historic cannons from the Thirty Years War are situated by the harbour in Havneby The challenging golf course in Havneby is surrounded by scenic nature


Few kilometres west of Havneby lays one of Europe´s best bathing beaches. On the 15 km long Lakolk Strand it is possible to drive your car all the way down to the waters edge. The fine, completely stone-free sandy beach has shallow water, a sandy bottom, dunes and Blue Flag. Therefore, it is very suitable for children. The beach is rather unusual because of its width - between 1.5 and 6.0 km - which invites beach activities of every kind. Activities like windsurfing, kite buggy driving and flying with kites are very popular here. The difference between high and low tide is substantial, and twice a day the water level changes significantly. Therefore you are to be careful when you park your car close to the water.


The plantation Vraby Plantage is situated right behind Havneby in an old and undulation dune area with many walking paths. The beach Sonderstrand is the southernmost corner of Romo, and here a large dune dike protects against sand drift. Romo consists of 90% nature landscapes with large areas, covered with heather, and dune plantations, where trees and bushes bear witness of the rough North Sea wind. All over the island you can experience a rich population of birds and animals. The northern part of the island is laid out as a bird sanctuary for the many wading birds of the Wadden Sea. Seals also reside on the island, and within the later years more sperm whales have stranded on Romo.


The lovely nature areas, surrounding Havneby, invite walks. Anglers will find good opportunities from the piers in Havneby as well as in the fishpond Romo Lystfiskerparadis. The wide beach Lakolk Strand invites leisure activities like surfing, kite flying, kite buggy driving as well as walks and horseback rides. Furthermore, you are able to walk on the sea floor - without getting wet - and find interesting things, brought in by the tide. On the 920 m long track in Skarbak Gokart Center you can challenge each other and experience speed and excitement. The leisure centre Skarbak Fritidscenter contains a swimming baths with e.g. water slide, springboards, hot water pools and a sauna (23 km). Golf players can try out the courses at Arrild Golf Club (37 km), Ribe Golf Klub (43 km), Toftlund Golf Club (44 km) and Tonder Golf Klub (51 km).

Worth a visit

Right above the harbour, a couple of old, rusty canons are placed on a dune in Havneby. The national museum Kommandorgaarden by Romo Kirkeby is a restored farm from the year 1748, showing the prosperity, which was brought to Romo by the commodores (3 km). Romo Sommerland by Kommandorgaarden is an amusement and activity park with more than 40 different activities for the whole family, e.g. water world and minigolf course. The nature centre Naturcenter Tonnisgaard by Tvismark is established in an old Romo-farm with thatched roof and displays an exhibition about the nature and culture of Romo (7 km). Romo Mini Museum in Lakolk informs about the nature of Romo and the influence of the tide throughout the years (12 km). All over the island the beautiful old Romo-farms characterize the landscape.

Excursion spots

Skarbak Museum is a regional museum, which is established in a former merchant''s house from the year 1909. The culture and history of the district is illustrated here (23 km). Step into the world of the iron age in the park Hjemsted Oldtidspark, close to Skarbak. The centre contains a museum, an iron age farm, graves and underground passages among other things (18 km). Visit the culture town Logumkloster and go exploring in the interesting convent, erected by monks in the 12th century (42 km). Pretend to be viking for a day at the viking centre Lustrupholm VikingeCenter in Denmark''s oldest town Ribe, and meet with the blacksmiths, bow makers, weavers and cooks of the viking age and see their families and homes (43 km). In Tonder you can sense a cosy atmosphere in Denmark''s oldest provincial town with the interesting historic museums and the many good restaurants (51 km).



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