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Nymindegab is situated at the North Sea, right south of the inlet Ringkøbing Fjord, and is the gate of the bar 'Holmsland Klit'.


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The old fishing hamlet is now a peaceful and popular holiday area. Here you are close to both sea and inlet, and you can enjoy the magnificent nature with f.x. the bird sanctuary Tipperne, experience the interesting sights of the area, be active or just relax. Nymindegab offers shopping possibilities and restaurants. The nearest larger towns are Skjern and Varde, which are both located about 30 km from Nymindegab.

In Nymindegab you will find a wide sandy beach with bunkers and high dunes Bathers on the wide bathing beach in Nymindegab Remains of the Atlantic embankment are located along the dunes on the beach in Nymindegab The small cosy harbour in Nymindegab is located in the bottom of the bay Ringkøbing Fjord


Nymindegab has a lovely wide and white sandy beach with high dunes. The beach is ideal for relaxing, sun bathing, swimming, beach activities and walks.


The landscape around Nymindegab is incredibly varied and very unique. Towards north lies the narrow bar Holmsland Klit, where you can experience dunes and sea towards the west, and the inlet Ringkøbing Fjord towards the east. A lovely walking and bicycle path leads you through the bar, past holiday house areas, Hvide Sande and all the way to Søndervig. The dune plantation 'Blåbjerg-Nymindegab Klitplantage' is one of Denmark's largest plantations. With its heather, forest and brushwood the plantation is cut out for long hikes, bicycle or riding trips. The plantation is named after the mountain 'Det Blå Bjerg' (the blue mountain), which is the most highly situated dune in the country - 64 m above sea level. Tipperne is a preserved bird sanctuary, situated on the peninsular Tipperhalvøen at the bottom of the inlet Ringkøbing Fjord. Birds from all of Scandinavia stay here a while on their way between their winter quarters and their breeding areas.


The inlet Ringkøbing Fjord is one of the most famous surf areas in northern Europe as the conditions are ideal. The large shallow areas and the safe surroundings make it both easy and fun to learn to surf here. The area around Nymindegab has more surf schools. Anglers have really good possibilities in this area. You can angle along the coast of the North Sea, in the inlet Ringkøbing Fjord, in the streams and Put & Take fishponds of the area or go deep-sea fishing onboard a fishing vessel from Hvide Sande. Riding trips along the sea can be arranged in Haurvig, 14 km towards north. You can also experience the 8 km long route from Nymindegab to Nr. Nebel in a historic and special way - on a cycle trolley. There are more golf courses in the area, and the course at Henne Golfklub is the nearest (15 km).

Worth a visit

In Nymindegab you can also see a few signs of the towns past as a fishing hamlet, i.a. an old fishing vessel as well as small houses, which was used by the fishermen for storage of fishing nets and other pieces of fishing tackle. The regional museum Abelines Gård is a 130 years old farm on the bar Holmsland Klit that used to belong to the local receiver of wrecks. Here you can learn about life along the west coast during the first half of the 20th century (11 km). The bird sanctuary Tipperne is situated just north of Nymindegab in the bottom of the inlet Ringkøbing Fjord. The place is a Mekka for bird fancier, and thousands of migration birds can be observed here (11 km). In the viking harbour 'Bork Vikingehavn' you can experience a reconstructed viking house as well as more viking ships (15 km).

Excursion spots

The town Hvide Sande, situated in the middle of the bar Holmsland Klit, is the 5th largest fishing harbour in Denmark. The town offers a mixture of vivid activity and quiet charm. Fish auctions for tourists are arranged in Hvide Sande (21 km). Visit the 'capital' of western Jutland, the town Esbjerg, and experience the art museum, the galleries, the museum for fishing and shipping 'Fiskeri- og Søfartsmuseet' and the famous sculpture by the sea 'Mennesket ved Havet'. From Esbjerg you can sail to the island Fanø in app. 10 min. The old, idyllic urban environment with it's characteristic, thatched roofs, the scenic nature and the exceptional bathing beaches make Fanø an excursion spot worth visiting. LEGOLAND is build out of 50 million toy bricks. The park offers a number of opportunities for family activities (84 km). In Givskud you can visit a combined lion park and zoo. Meet with more than 1,000 animals from the whole world on the 60 hectares large area (91 km).



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