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The holiday homes of the holiday area Harboor are situated in the green landscape, right behind the high dunes of the North Sea. When you spend your holiday in a holiday home in Harboor, you are surrounded by the North Sea, beach, dunes, green spaces and the Limfjord. This area is ideal, if you are searching for tranquility and unspoiled nature.


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The area around Harboør is characterized by peace and quiet. Experience the hard wind and rough nature by the sea or enjoy the calm water and the lush meadows by the inlet. Harboør has more grocery stores and restaurants.

The remains of a bunker between the breakwaters on the beach in Harboør Access to the beach in Harboør through the high dunes Sheltering bunker on the sandy beach in Harboør Bunkers on the wide North Sea beach in Harboør


You will find the white sandy beaches along the North Sea. The closest beaches are situated by Vrist (4 km), Vejlby (7 km) and Thyborøn (9 km). All of the 3 beaches have a sandy bottom, dunes and Blue Flag. Kite and model plane flying are popular activities on the beaches of the area. Furthermore, the beaches are ideal for walks at all times of the year. A sunset over the North Sea can be an unforgettable sight.


Here the nature is clean and unspoiled. The hilly moraine formation, surrounding Harboør, invites hikes and bicycle trips, and along the marked paths you will come across points with an amazing view of the area. Enjoy the scenic nature by bar 'Harboør Tange' and experience the quite exceptional bird life of the area. The meadow area 'Vrist Enge' between Lemvig and Harboør consists of 5 smaller lakes. Here in these large wetlands you will also find a rich bird life.


The area offers a walk on the beach, on the dunes, by the inlet and by the lake Ferring Sø. Golf players can try out the courses in Fjerritslev, Lemvig, Struer and Thisted (Nordvestjysk Golfklub). On the wide beaches you can fly with kites, build sand castles, swim, windsurf or play beach volley. The bar Harboør Tange is a popular fishing spot. All year round it is possible to catch various types of fish here. If you wish to go deep-sea fishing, you can go to the reef 'Jyske Rev' onboard a fishing vessel. Furthermore the area offers more brook, streams and Put & Take fishponds, all well stocked with fish.

Worth a visit

Visit the church and cemetery of Harboør. On the cemetery you can see monument for perished salvage men, fishermen as well as German, British and Russian sailors. Because of its location between the inlet and the sea, the area around Harboør is famous for its special light. Through the years it has drawn many artists to the area. Visit some of the area's workshops and watch the artists in action. In the amusement park 'Vejlby Sommerpark' you can fish, rent riding horses, drive on front bikes, play minigolf and visit the pet zoo of the park (7 km). The fortress 'Thyborøn Fæstningen' used to be one of Denmark's largest fortifications and the remains consist of 64 bunkers from World War 2 (9 km).

Excursion spots

The flower park 'Jesperhus Blomsterpark' on the Liim Fiord island Mors also offers a jungle zoo and a play land. The park is one of the largest of its kind in Scandinavia (60 km). The open-air museum 'Hjerl Hede Frilandsmuseum' near Vinderup is an interesting and lifelike museum for the whole family. See among other things how the daily life in the country 150 years ago is vitalized (60 km). LEGOLAND, app. 140 km from Harboør, is build out of 50 million toy bricks. The park offers a number of opportunities for family activities.



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      Beds: 6   •   Bedrooms: 3
      Pets allowed: no   •   100 m to water
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      Harboor Holiday home, Harboor

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      Beds: 6   •   Bedrooms: 3
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      Beds: 6   •   Bedrooms: 3
      Pets allowed: 1   •   250 m to water
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      Harboor Holiday home, Harboor


      Beds: 8   •   Bedrooms: 4
      Pets allowed: 2   •   75 m to water
      Reg. no.: 20-0018

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