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Dejbjerg is situated 7 km north-west of Skjern and 5 km from the eastern shore of the inlet Ringkøbing Fjord. Dejbjerg is famous for its old cultures and the famous, 2,000 years old Dejbjerg wagon carriages from the stone age. Furthermore, you will find more grave mounds in the landscape around Dejbjerg. The holiday area is surrounded by lovely nature and is especially suitable fir anglers as well as culture and nature lovers. If you are in search of good bathing beaches and family sights, you will find both within a reasonable reach. It is possible to buy groceries in Dejbjerg, and the nearby bigger towns, Skjern (7 km), Tarm (13 km) and Ringkøbing (21 km) offer shopping opportunities and more restaurants.

The holiday homes in Dejbjerg are located close to Dejbjerg Golfklub Dejbjerg is surrounded by scenic forest areas The golf course in Dejbjerg offers challenges for anyone The historic mill Bundsbæk Mølle is located close to the holiday homes in Dejbjerg


The holiday area is located about 5 km from the inlet Ringkøbing Fjord, which offers good and traffic-free bathing beaches with calm and shallow water, which make them very suitable for children. Furthermore, you will find extremely good surf opportunities on the inlet. Around 30 km from Dejbjerg you can visit Søndervig and the North Sea, where you will find the long, fine and white sandy beaches with dunes, waves and Blue Flag.


Dejbjerg is surrounded by an exceptionally scenic nature. In the middle of the level Western Jutland the hill Skovbjerg Bakkeø rises above the outwash plain from the ice age, and together they form the river valley Skjernå-dalen. The landscape also offers forests, farm land, stretches of moorland, a number of impressive grave mounds as well as the plantation Dejbjerg Plantage by the bay Velling Bugt with an outstanding bird life. In the autumn you can let yourselves be impressed by the beautiful, flowering heather, which covers the moor areas around Dejbjerg. More good viewpoints are available in the area, from which you can enjoy the view of Ringkøbing Fjord. The stream Skjern Å and the meadow Skjern Enge equally have a unique bird life. Skjern Å is one of Denmark's most abounding in water and has many turnings and windings The preserved bird sanctuary Tipperne on the peninsular Tipperhalvøen in the bottom of Ringkøbing Fjord is a Mekka for bird enthusiasts (43 km).


Dejbjerg is famous for it's beautiful, 18-hole golf course, which can be tried out with Dejbjerg Golf Klub. Furthermore, golf players can test the courses of f.x. Åskov Golfklub by Sønder-Felding (26 km) or Holmsland Klit Golfklub by Søndervig (30 km). The scenic surroundings invites walks, rides and bicycle trips year round. The area contains a number of Put & Take fishponds, but it is equally possible to fish in Ringkøbing Fjord, the stream Skjern Å and the lake Fahlbæk Sø. Ringkøbing Fjord is one of the most famous surf areas in northern Europe as the conditions are ideal. The large shallow areas and the safe surroundings make it both easy and fun to learn to surf here. You can rent equipment for surfing at the surf school in Bork Havn (32 km).

Worth a visit

Dejbjerg Jernalder is an iron age museum with reconstructions of houses, carriages etc., exhibitions with iron age objects as well as vitalization of iron age families, handicraft and activities during the summer. Here you can shoot with an iron age bow and manufacture leather goods and wooden tools. The idyllically located mill Bundsbæk Mølle from 1843 by the plantation Dejbjerg Plantage is restored and appears like when the mill was running. Watch the grain being milled and the bread being baked, and taste the result afterwards (3 km). At the museum of vintage aircraft 'Dansk Veteranfly Museum' you can see the country's largest collection of KZ-aircrafts, which are made in Denmark (5 km). Bousøgård is a typical Western Jutland farm from the previous century. The farm contains a pottery, where earthenware is produced according to old traditions, a museum for Danish, decorated pottery and a large art gallery (5 km).

Excursion spots

Visit the old, pretty provincial town Ringkøbing with its red, tiled roofs and the old cobbled streets. Here you will find sights and a cosy harbour environment (21 km). In Jyllands Park Zoo by Videbæk you can meet with more than 700 animals and birds from the whole world and the children are allowed to feed them (28 km). In the viking harbour Bork Vikingehavn you will be set back 1,000 years. Experience the viking ships in the harbour, the viking farm and the exhibition. The area is vitalized during the high season (30 km). Birds from all of Scandinavia stay a while on Tipperne on their way between their winter quarters and breeding areas (44 km). Visit the cosy town Herning, which is famous as a textile, fair and culture town. Here you will find galleries, the museum of Steen Steensen Blicher and the museum of brown coal in Søby (48 km). LEGOLAND - 'The funniest playground for the whole family' - offers knights in armours, pirates, rough cowboys, wild Indians and much more (65 km).



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