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Mosevrå is scenically situated by the calm water of the bay Ho Bugt, only few km from the North Sea, the holiday town Blåvand and the city Esbjerg.


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The holiday house area of Mosevrå lies in quiet natural surroundings, in an area with growth of forest, right by the bay Ho Bugt, from which you can see all the way to Esbjerg. By the bay Ho Bugt the open plains with large meadow areas are dominating. Between Ho and Blåvand the beautiful and preserved dune plantation 'Ho Klitplantage' is situated. The area offers lovely and calm nature, but not far from here the activities and sights of the tourist country await you. In Blåvand, about 11 km from Mosevrå, you will find an abundance of leisure activities, good shopping possibilities and many restaurants.

Forest and plane meadow areas surround the holiday homes in Blåvand, Mosevrå The holiday homes in Blåvand, Mosevrå are located secluded in scenic nature surroundings Green areas with fields and trees between the holiday homes and the water in Mosevrå Newly harvested field between the holiday home area and the water in Mosevrå


Skallingen has a lovely white and sandy beach. A rather long walk from the parking grounds leads you through a scenic area to the end of Skallingen 'Skalling Ende', and from here you have a view of the island Fanø and the town Esbjerg. Only 9 km from Mosevrå one of Denmark's best bathing beaches is located. The beach Vejers Strand is a wide and white sandy beach with fine sand, dunes and Blue Flag. You are allowed to drive your car on the southern part of the beach. The northern part is reserved for bicyclists and pedestrians. Blåvand, 11 km away, is surrounded by a wide and white sandy beach as far as the eye can see. Visit f.x. the beach Hvidbjerg Strand, which is facing south and sheltered by the reef Horns Rev, which makes the beach very suitable for children. One of Denmark's most beautiful sunsets over the North Sea can be enjoyed from the beach, the dunes or the town.


By Mosevrå and the bay Ho Bugt you will find unique nature areas in the shape of open plains with areas of meadow and forest areas with state forest. Mosevrå is situated close to the exceptional nature of both the North Sea and the Jutland Watten Sea. The Wadden Sea landscape offers a rich vegetation and bird life, an on the southernmost tip of the preserved peninsula Skallingen you can observe the seals. Many migratory birds use Skallingen as a resting and eating area, and they can be observed from the observation posts on the spot. Beyond the nature of the Wadden Sea, you are able to explore the heath and dune areas of the area, and hikes in the plantations of the area are recommendable. The dune plantation 'Ho Klitplantage', between Ho and Blåvand, is a large preserved dune and moor landscape with marked paths and viewpoints, from which you can experience a magnificent view of the dune landscape and the peninsular Skallingen.


With no less than 5 golf courses in the vicinity, the area is ideal for golf players. In Oksbøl you will find a water world (6 km). Bowling alleys are available at the holiday centre Ho Feriecenter (8 km). Anglers have good possibilities for a haul along the coast or in one of the Put & Take fishponds of the area. Try f.x. the lakes Ho Fiskesø and Broeng Fiskepark. The area has an abundance of leisure activities, and the conditions for i.a. golf, kite flying, angling, beach volley, horseback riding and bowling are ideal. It is even possible to climb on the bunkers on the beach of Blåvand. The area invites good nature experiences, like walks along the bay Ho Bugt, bicycle trips to f.x. the peninsula Skallingen, sail trips on the bay Ho Bugt with the small island Langli and the rich bird life.

Worth a visit

The church Aal Kirke in Oksbøl from the 12th century is famous for it's many frescos. A German refugee cemetery is situated right outside Oksbøl (6 km). The church Ho Kirke was build in the middle of the 15th century and one of the naves if the church is said to be the oldest in Scandinavia (8 km). The very popular fair Ho Fåremarked is a takes place every year in late August on the peninsula Skallingen (10 km). From the 39 m high lighthouse Blåvand Fyr, build in the year 1900, you will have a fabulous view of the North Sea, Blåvand and the area. Scattered around the lighthouse you can see a number of bunkers from World War 2. Furthermore Blåvand offers various nature centres, exhibitions and museums (11 km). Visit some of the many art and amber workshops, which are situated in the area around Mosevrå.


When you spend your holiday in a holiday home in Mosevraa, you can visit the town Esbjerg. Here you will find museums, galleries, shops and restaurants. At the fishing museum of Esbjerg ''Fiskeri- og Sofartsmuseet'' you can see seals, sharks and exhibitions. In the harbour of Esbjerg you can go on a cosy harbour tour or sail to the island Fano and experience the charming island of scenic beauty. Close to Mosevraa you can visit the preserved tongue Skallingen with untouched nature and a good beach. If you drive towards north, you can experience the recreated lake Filso with a rich birdlife. From the observation tower and the bridge you can enjoy a view of the lake and the pretty landscape. You can also spend a day of your holiday in LEGOLAND® or GIVSKUD ZOO.



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