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Ho is a popular holiday area, which is surrounded by the North Sea, the bay Ho Bugt, lovely nature and the holiday town Blaavand. When you spend your holiday in a holiday home in Ho, Blaavand, you have the wide sandy beaches, the forest, the preserved peninsular Skallingen as well as activities and sights for the whole family right on your doorstep.


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The holiday houses, surrounding Ho, is located in a quiet nature area with plantation and a bit of forest. With its old, original buildings and only very few inhabitant the small town Ho is worth preserving. In Ho you will also find the old village heart with a church, an inn, a vicarage and farms. Ho is the gate to all of the splendours of nature. Wide plains with large meadow areas dominate the shores of the bay 'Ho Bugt'. Between Ho and Blåvand you will find the preserved dune plantation 'Ho Klitplantage'. From Ho a small road leads you towards south to the preserved peninsular 'Skallingen'. In Blåvand, about 5 km from Ho, you will find a number of leisure activities, good shopping opportunities and a number of restaurants.

The wide sandy beach on the protected peninsular Skallingen near Blaavand, Ho Skallingen near Blaavand, Ho offers a long white bathing beach with high dunes Nature on the peninsular Skallingen near Blaavand, Ho is protected and has a rich animal life The holiday homes in Blaavand, Ho are surrounded by protected nature and forest areas


From Ho the distance to the sandy beach on 'Skallingen' is about 3 and the North Sea beach of Blåvand is situated about 5 km from here. Skallingen has a lovely, white and sandy beach. From the parking space to beach of Skallingen, a rather long walk awaits you and leads you through a scenic area to 'Skalling Ende', from where you can enjoy the view of both Esbjerg and the island Fanø. The beach of Hvidbjerg is facing south and is sheltered by the reef 'Horns Rev', which makes the beach very suitable for children. You will find the beach between Ho and Blåvand. Blåvand is surrounded by a wide, white and sandy beach as far as the eye can see. You are not allowed to bring your car to the beach. A paradise for everyone, who loves water, beach, sun, wind and water sport. One of Denmark's most scenic sunsets over the North Sea can be enjoyed from the beach, the dunes or the town. The beach invites strolls at all times of the year.


The nature around Ho is very versatile. The area contains large forest areas with state forest. The dune plantation 'Ho Klitplantage' is a large, preserved dune and moor landscape with marked walking paths and viewpoints, from which you can enjoy the magnificent view of the dune landscape and the peninsular Skallingen. The bay 'Ho Bugt' is a characteristic nature area with gentle salt meadows. The peninsular Skallingen is preserved and appointed a scientific reference area. On foot you can come all the way to the tip and experience the seals as the gambol in the deep tidal streams. The bird life and the vegetation here are quite unique as well. Many migrating birds use Skallingen as their resting area, and they can be observed from the observation posts on the spot. A little further away, Blåvand offers fine, white and sandy beaches, the North Sea and Blåvandshuk, Denmark's most western point. The plantations behind Blåvand are inhabited by the country's larges stock of red deer.


In Ho you will find a first-class golf course with 18 challenging holes. Bowling alleys are available in the holiday village 'Ho Feriecenter'. The large, preserved dune and moor area between Ho and Blåvand offers marked walking paths as well as a few viewpoints. Between the forest and the holiday house area, a large and scenic fishpond with tables and benches are available. The area invites good nature experiences, like walks along the shore along the bay 'Ho Bugt', bicycle trips to Skallingen, sails on the bay with the small island Langli and the rich bird life etc. The area, surrounding Blåvand, is rich in leisure activities. You will find ideal conditions for golf, kite flying, angling, beach volley, horseback riding, bowling and much more. It is even possible to climb on the bunkers on the beach. It is even possible to climb on the bunkers on the beach. Around Blåvand a net of bicycle paths and marked walking tracks are available.

Worth a visit

The church of Ho originates from the middle of the 15th. century and one of the naves is believed to be the oldest in Scandinavia. The fair Ho Fåremarked takes place every year in late August on Skallingen and it is always a real draw. From the 39 m high lighthouse from 1900 you can enjoy an amazing view of the North Sea, the bay 'Ho Bugt', Blåvand and the surrounding area. Many concrete bunkers from World War 2 still lie around the lighthouse. A German refugee cemetery is situated right outside Oksbøl. Blåvand Naturcenter informs about the nature, the vegetation and the wildlife of the west coast. 'Tirpitz-stillingen' is a reopened bunker, which shows an exhibition about the role of the position in the German coastal defence. The regional museum Blåvand Egnsmuseum illustrates the history of the district - from the antiquity and towards the year 1900 - with i.a. prehistoric finds and local handicraft.


Bird enthusiasts can visit the bird sanctuary Tipperne, which is located in the bottom of Ringkobing Fjord. Her you can enjoy nature and the sight of the many migrating birds. Esbjerg is situated close to your holiday home in Blaavand, Ho, and here you can visit various sights or just stroll around in the cosy town. From the large harbour in Esbjerg you can sail to the charming island Fano with scenic nature and idyllic houses. When you spend your holiday in Blaavand, Ho, you can also make a trip to LEGOLAND®, which offers amusements for the whole family, or GIVSKUD ZOO, where you can experience dinosaurs and animals from the whole world.



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