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The holiday home area Bjerregaard is situated right between the North Sea and Ringkobing Fjord. Bjerregaard offers a wide sandy beach with high dunes and lovely holiday homes in the dune landscape behind the beach. Thanks to the scenic nature and the good bathing beach, holiday home rental is very popular in this holiday area.


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Bjerregaard is situated on southernmost part of the Holmsland Klit bar, app. 15 km south of the town Hvide Sande. If you stay in a private holiday home in Bjerregaard, you can enjoy plenty of lovely nature experiences. Towards the west, you have a view of the bird sanctuary Tipperne and the meadow area Varneengene, and towards the west you will find the sandy beaches of the North Sea. It is possible to buy groceries in Bjerregaard. From Bjerregaard you can either walk or drive on your bicycle on the nature path that winds through the dunes and the holiday house areas and leads you all the way up the bar to the town Sondervig. In Bjerregaard you can find a holiday home, where you can bring your dog along on your holiday.

The wide sandy beach and the high dunes by the North Sea in Bjerregaard The holiday homes in Bjerregaard are located behind the beach and the high dunes A summer day with bathers on the beach of Bjerregaard The high dunes, which surround the holiday home area in Bjerregaard


Bjerregaard has a fine sandy beach with dunes and the blue environmental flag. A perfect spot for bathing, sun bathing and a stroll. You are not allowed to bring your car to the beach.


The nature, surrounding Bjerregaard, is beautiful and unusual at the same time as the area is situated next to both inlet and sea. The water around is bounded by the bird sanctuary Tipperne. The unique nature on the bar Holmsland Klit is worth enjoying at all times of the year.


The inlet Ringkobing Fjord is one of the most famous surf areas in northern Europe as the conditions are ideal. The large shallow areas and the safe surroundings make it both easy and fun to learn to surf here. Holiday home rental in Bjerregård is perfect for you, if you wish to surf, and during the summer you will find a vivid surf atmosphere here. You will find a vivid surf activity here during the summer. The angler has ideal conditions in this area as it is possible to fish from the piers along the coast, in Put & Take lakes as well as onboard a fishing vessel, departing from Hvide Sande. Furthermore, you can rent boats in Bjerregaard.

Worth a visit

The regional museum Abelines Gaard is a 130 years old farm on Holmsland Klit that used to belong to the local receiver of wrecks. Here you can learn about life along the west coast during the first half of the 20th. century. The bird sanctuary Tipperne is situated opposite Bjerregaard in the bottom of the inlet Ringkobing Fjord. The place is a Mekka for bird fancier, and thousands of migration birds can be observed here.

Excursion spots

You can go on interesting excursions, when you rent a holiday home in Bjerregaard. In the viking harbour Bork Vikingehavn you can experience a reconstructed viking house as well as more viking ships. The town Hvide Sande, situated in the middle of the bar Holmsland Klit, is the 5th. largest fishing harbour in Denmark. The town offers a mixture of vivid activity and quiet charm. Fish auctions for tourists are arranged here. LEGOLAND is build out of 50 million toy bricks. The park offers a number of opportunities for family activities (90 km). In Givskud you can visit a combined lion park and zoo. Meet with more than 1,000 animals from the whole world on the 60 hectares large area. Visit the town Esbjerg with the art museum, the galleries etc. From Esbjerg you can sail to the island Fano in app. 10 min. The old, idyllic urban environment with it´s characteristic, thatched roofs, the scenic nature and the exceptional bathing beaches make Fano an excursion spot worth visiting.



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