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The town of Saksild is situated on the eastern coast of Jutland, 3 km south of Rude Strand, 3 km north of Dyngby Strand and 6 km east of the commercial town Odder, which offers cultural sights, good shopping opportunities, cosy marked days and more restaurants. The holiday house area Saksild Strand is surrounded by the Kattegat and scenic, varying nature areas. From here you can enjoy the view of the islands Tunø and Samsø, and you can sail out to both islands from Hou, which is located 7 km towards south. It is possible to buy groceries and dine in Saksild. The area has a central location in proportion to sights, larger towns and lovely nature areas, and appeals mainly to families with children, nature lovers, anglers and others, who appreciate the values of the area.

Work of art and bench by the lovely sandy beach with shallow and clear water in Saksild The wide and sandy beach and holiday homes along the shore in Saksild The beach in Saksild offers shallow, clear and child-friendly bathing water One of the works of art in the series, To på tur (two on a trip), on the beach in Saksild


The kilometres long beach of Saksild, which is said to be the best beach in eastern Jutland, is a wide and lovely bathing beach with white sand. The beach has the Blue Flag and is very suitable for children - because of its width as well as the shallow water in the edge. It is comfortable to sojourn on the beach, as it is sheltered from the westerly wind. The lovely beach invites swimming, sun bathing as well as various beach and water sport activities.


Saksild is surrounded by a very varying nature, which is characterized by hilly areas, valleys, farm land, forests, game preserves, salt meadows, the Kattegat, the inlet 'Kysing Fjord' as well as number of streams. One of the many scenic forests of the area is 'Vejlskoven', situated just south of Odder, which contains more marked walking paths. The forest is varying with both level and very undulating areas. From the elevated nature areas behind the shore it is possible to see all the way to Mols, Samsø and Tunø. The forest 'Marselisborgskovene' is situated in the southern outskirts of Århus - a very scenic area with many bicycle and walking paths. Here you can also get close to i.a. roe deer and wild boar within an enclosed area.


The bay 'Saksildbugten' offers extremely good opportunities for bathing, angling and water sport. It is possible to fish directly from the shore, from a boat or in the Put & Take fishponds of the hinterland. The conditions for windsurfing are ideal here, as the wind is weak and the water is shallow by Saksild. Boats and water cycles can be rented in the area. Golf players can visit the 18-hole course of 'Odder Golfklub', which has been designed by a golf course architect and is situated in very scenic surroundings. With its 3 pools, climbing wall, springboards and water slide Odder Svømmehal offers activities for the whole family (6 km). The beautiful and varying nature invites both bicycle trips and walks, where you can experience the vegetation at close range. Throughout the summer you can experience town fairs, harbour festival and marked days in Saksild and the small surrounding towns.

Worth a visit

Saksild is situated in an area, which is rich in cultural sights like churches, manor houses, grave mounds, monuments and ruins from the viking period. By Rude Strand (3 km) you can see a long barrow with more stone coffins from the early stone age. Visit Odder and enjoy the charming atmosphere of the town, which contains more old buildings, recreational areas, sculptures, a cosy stream and good opportunities for shopping and dining (6 km). The story of the district is told at the regional museum 'Odder Egnsmuseum', where you can experience the preserved water mill 'Odder Vand- og Dampmølle', a farmhouse living room from the 18th. century and more interesting exhibitions. 'Den Økologiske Have' by Odder is the largest ecological garden in Scandinavia. Get inspired in the large garden with theme gardens, animals, grain and flower fields. The old mill 'Gylling Mølle' today appears fully restored and functional, and flour is being milled here (12 km).

Excursion spots

From Hou (9 km) the ferry sails daily to the islands Tunø and Samsø. Tunø has a scenic, varying nature and a cosy, evocative village. Samsø offers a unique nature, peace, quiet, idyll and many leisure activities. Moesgård Museum has been established on the manor house Moesgård and contains archaeological collections from both Denmark and the Persian Gulf (20 km). Visit Århus with the amusement park 'Tivoli Friheden', the open-air museum 'Den Gamle By', the music house 'Musikhuset', the small and intimate alleys of the Latin Quarter, the cosy pedestrian streets and the lively atmosphere by the stream 'Vadestedet' (26 km). 'Djurs Sommerland' is a fun and exciting experience for the whole family. Here you will find water world, action and more than 60 different activities (78 km). LEGOLAND offers more than 50 activities with speed, excitement and experiences! 'The funniest playground for the whole family' offers knights, pirates, cowboys, Indians and much more (92 km).



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