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Do you wish to spend your holiday in a holiday home in scenic surroundings, right by a lovely bathing beach, then Kobingsmark in the northern part of the peninsular Als is the ideal holiday area. Here you can enjoy the lovely tranquil surroundings or visit some of the interesting sights on Als.


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The holiday house area Købingsmark is situated on the northernmost part of Als, right by the Little Belt, and about 2,5 km from Nordborg. The area lies in peaceful settings, right by the best beach on northern Als, and surrounded by forest and nature areas. It is possible to buy groceries in the area, and Nordborg offers more shops and restaurants.

Holiday homes behind the lovely bathing beach with a bathing jetty in the holiday area Købingsmark The lovely bathing beach in the holiday home area Købingsmark is surrounded by forest and green spaces Bathers on the lovely sandy beach in the holiday area Købingsmark Holiday homes in green surroundings behind the beach in Købingsmark


The calm beach by Købingsmark is the longest and best bathing beach on northern Als. The beach consists of sand with small stones. The water is shallow and therefore the water is very suitable for children. A lovely floating bridge is available if you wish to jump into the water. Windsurfers will find good conditions all along the shore by Købingsmark.


About 5 km from Købingsmark, the two scenic bays 'Dyvig' and 'Mjelsvig' are situated. Both bays have a nature harbour and are surrounded by a beautiful, hilly landscape. A path leads you around the lake Nordborg Sø, but it is also possible to walk up in the landscape and enjoy the view of the lake. Close to Nordborg you will find the re-established lake Oldenor. Enjoy the quiet nature and rich bird life of this place. Als has some of the most lovely forest areas in Denmark. 'Nørreskoven' is with its length of 12 km the largest forest on the island. The forest is ideal for walks and bicycle trips. It is also possible to drive in car through the forest, which is situated on the eastern part of the island The forests 'Blommeskobbel' and 'Oleskobbel' contain the larges collection of cromlech in Northern Europe. The area 'Dybbøl Banke' contains 10 redoubts and is laid down as a national park.


Als offers extraordinarily good fishing opportunities. You can fish from the shore, on the sea from a dinghy or in the freshwater lake 'Nordborg Sø'. A Put & Take fishpond as well as a number of streams, which are abounding in fish, are available on the island. Furthermore, deep-sea fishing trips with a genuine wooden fishing vessel are arranged from the harbour of Mommark (36 km). Close to Købingsmark golf players can try out the course of 'Nordborg Nordborg'. Almost every weekend during the summer, a traditional South Jutland riding at the ring is arranged in the area - an experience that you cannot miss out on. The area contains more bicycle routes, which leads through the scenic landscape. The beach, the forests and the meadows invite walks.

Worth a visit

The castle 'Nordborg Slot' from the year 1150 is situated on an island in the lake 'Nordborg Sø' and surrounded by a scenic park. From the lighthouse by Augustenhof you can enjoy a magnificent view of the South Jutland mainland, the island Barsø, the Little Belt and Funen. The forests 'Blommeskobbel' and 'Oleskobbel' contain the largest collection of cromlechs in Northern Europe. Around the island you will find a number of mills, churches, castles, stone-age villages, cromlechs and other historic relics. Experience f.x. the legendary mill 'Dybbøl Mølle' from the year 1744, the watermill 'Vibæk Mølle' by the holy brook 'Vibæk' as well as the castles 'Sønderborg Slot' or 'Augustenborg Slot'. Als also offers a number of interesting outdoor works of art as well as more interesting art exhibitions and galleries.

Excursion spots

Visit Sønderborg with the beautiful waterfront, the historic buildings, the good shopping possibilities, the cosy restaurants and the vivid nightlife (30 km). ''Sønderborg Slot'' has been restored according to the Baroque and contains a museum, which informs of the South Jutland history. The mill ''Dybbøl Mølle'' (originally from the year 1744) by Sønderborg was formerly situated in the middle of a military area and today it function as a museum with pictures and memorials from the battlefield. The castle ''Gråsten Slot'' and its palace garden are surrounded by a scenic nature with forest and a lake. The profusely decorated castle church and the palace garden are open to the public (44 km).



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