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By the lovely holiday house area Genner Strand the nature, the small boat harbour and the swans create an idyllic atmosphere.


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Genner Strand is situated just north of the peninsular Løjt Land, in the bottom of the bay ''Genner Bugt'', 10 km north of Aabenraa and 17 km south of Haderslev. The area is surrounded by a quiet, South Jutland nature with forest, fields and beach. Right outside Genner Strand the small and scenic island Kalvø is situated. A dam connects the island with the mainland and a 1.5 km long, marked nature path leads you all the way round the island. It is possible to buy groceries in Genner, 3 km from the shore, and in Løjt Kirkeby, 6 km south of Genner Stand as well as in Aabenraa.

Sandy beach with a long bathing jetty in the holiday home area Genner Strand Clear and child-friendly bathing water by the beach in the holiday home area Genner Strand Long bathing jetty by the beach of the holiday home area Genner Strand Ducks on the green spaces by the cosy marina in Genner Strand


Genner Strand is sheltered by the island Kalvø. This means that the water is stagnant and that the beach is very suitable for children. A bathing jetty is available by the beach. Towards north and south wooded slopes lead down towards the water. The good bathing beach of Loddenhøj, a couple of km towards east, has the Blue Flag. This beach is also very suitable for children, as the water is shallow. Here you can swim, sunbathe, surf and fish among other things.


Behind Genner Strand, slightly towards south-west, you will find the undulating plantation ''Lerskov Plantage'', which is characterized by forest, marsh areas, meadows and salt meadows. The growth in the bottom of the bay ''Genner Bugt'' and around Genner Strand is generally lush. Thick forests of reeds grow along the shores and create attractive living conditions for many wading birds and ducks. Innermost in the bay ''Genner Bugt'' the small island Kalvø is situated. The island is characterized by a lovely and untouched nature. Both Kalvø and the innermost of the bay are laid out as nature reserves, and both places have a rich animal life. By Loddenhøj, towards east, you will find a lovely forest, which invites walks along the marked routes.


Anglers will find good fishing opportunities along the shores in the deep water of the bay, in the Put & Take fishponds of the area as well as on the sea. Deep-sea fishing trips are arranged with a fishing vessel from both Haderslev and Aabenraa with the ship MS Rosita. Golf players can try out some of the 9 golf courses of South Jutland. It is possible to rent bicycles in Løjt Kirkeby. Lovely nature experiences await you along the marked walking and bicycle paths of the area - on the mainland and not least on the island Kalvø.

Worth a visit

The small island Kalvø offers lovely nature, a cosy harbour and a small, interesting museum. Løjtland is characterized by a number of beautiful, restored houses with thatched roofs, and is definitely worth a visit. South of Haderslev the subglacial stream trench Haderslev Tunneldal, which contains the valley ''Tunneldalen'', the forest ''Pamhule Skov'' and the animal park ''Haderslev Dyrehave'' is situated. The animal park ''Haderslev Dyrehave'' is a 100 hectares large scenic and undulating area with forest, open grass areas and meadows. About 100 fallow deer live in this park. The beautiful forest ''Pamhule Skov'' is a 300 hectares large forest with a rich animal life as well as many hills and slopes. In the valley ''Tunneldalen'' you will find 4 marked walking paths as well as a number of paths, which enables you to experience the unique nature on foot or on bicycle.

Excursion spots

In the Little Belt, right outside the bay Genner Bugt, the island Barsø is locat. Hilly landscapes and beautiful old ancestral farms characterize the cosy island. A small ferry sails from Loddenhøj to the scenic island. In Aabenraa you can enjoy the harbour, the beach, the lovely pedestrian street with squares, the old part of town as well as the castle Aabenraa Slot, which is surrounded by water and trees (10 km). Haderslev has a cosy pedestrian street, many green recreational areas, like i.a. Damparken, an old part of town with gently restored houses as well as the scenic cathedral (17 km). Vojens offers both a go-cart track and a speedway centre (30 km). LEGOLAND is build out of 50 million toy bricks. More than 50 activities provide you with speed, excitement and experiences (86 km).



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