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Andkær Vig is a small and idyllic holiday area by the southern shores of the inlet Vejle Fjord, a few km from the town Vejle.


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The nature by the inlet Vejle Fjord varies between undulating areas with forest and preserved meadow areas. Groups of cosy holiday house areas are situated along the shores, and Andkær Vig is one of the most scenic areas. Andkær Vig is sheltered towards east by the isthmus 'Holser Hage' and surrounded by lovely nature with forest. Along the shore you will find more good bathing beaches. It is possible to buy groceries in the small town of Andkær, and the location of Andkær Vig, near Vejle (12 km) and Fredericia (20 km), provides you with good shopping possibilities.

View of Vejle Fjord from the holiday home area Andkær Vig The holiday homes of Andkær Vig are situated on a hill with trees, right by Vejle Fjord The long bathing jetty in the holiday home area Andkær Vig by Vejle Fjord Small and fine sandy beach below the holiday homes in Andkær Vig


By Andkær Vig a lovely bathing beach is available. 10 km towards east you will find the beach of Hvidbjerg - the only beach in central and southern Jutland with a dune. The 27 metres high dune is preserved and consists of white micaceous sand. The beach of Hvidbjerg has clear water and is very suitable for children.


The forest 'Sellerup Skov' surrounds Andkær Vig, and between the town Andkær and the holiday house area Andkær Vig you will find the forest 'Munkebjerg Strandskov'. The undulating and fertile landscape along the inlet can be enjoyed on foot or on bicycle along some of the many marked routes. You can also experience the nature of the inlet onboard the fishing vessel Tenna II or go on a trip with an old vintage train through the scenic landscape. The train takes you through the idyllic valley 'Grejsdal' and stops in the river valley 'Vejle Ådal'. About 10 km south of Andkær Vig the preserved inlet ¿Rands Fjord¿ is situated. This inlet is interesting because of its rich vegetation and bird life.


Anglers will find good fishing opportunities along the shores of Vejle Fjord. The isthmus 'Holtser Hage', which shelters Andkær Vig towards east, offers a number of good fishing spots. By Trelde a good Put & Take fishpond is available. The towns Vejle and Fredericia both offer a lovely golf course with challenges for beginners and experienced golf players. In Fredericia you will find a number of leisure activities, such as f.x. bowling alley, climbing walls, go-cart tracks as well as a tropical water world.

Worth a visit

The preserved watermill 'Børkop Vandmølle' is idyllically situated in scenic surroundings and famous for it's gourmet restaurant. The watermill is still operating a few hours a week, and freshly milled flour and grain are sold on the spot. A museum of local history, which exhibits agricultural tools and craftsmen's tools from old times, is also located here (7 km). 'Nebbegård' by the inlet 'Rands Fjord' is just one of the old manor houses of the area with it's own castle mounds from around the year 1348 (10 km). Vejle is a beautiful and cosy commercial town with many interesting shops, good restaurants and cultural offers. The landmark of Vejle is a white windmill from the year 1846. Visit f.x. 'Den Smidtske Gård' from the year 1799, which today function as a town museum, shop and pub (12 km).

Excursion spots

The 350 years old fortress town Fredericia is scenically situated by the Little Belt and surrounded by the best preserved ramparts in Northern Europe. Fredericia also offers Denmark's largest playground 'Madsby Legepark' (20 km). The cemetery of the small town Jelling contains Northern Europe's most fascinating relics from the viking age - two large runic stones with inscription, which are regarded as the 'birth certificate' of Denmark (23 km). The girl 'Egtvedpigen' was found in the town Egtved in 1921 and is one of the best preserved finds from the bronze age. A museum in Egtved informs of the rare find and shows copies of the girl¿s coffin and her garments (29 km). In Givskud you can visit a combined lion park and zoo. Meet with more than 1,000 animals from the whole world on the 60 hectares large area (31 km). LEGOLAND is build out of 50 million toy bricks. More than 50 activities provide you with speed, excitement and experiences! A funny playground for the whole family (38 km).



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      Andkær Vig Holiday home, Andkær Vig


      Beds: 6   •   Bedrooms: 3
      Pets allowed: no   •   100 m to water
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      Andkær Vig Holiday home, Andkær Vig

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      Andkær Vig Holiday home, Andkær Vig

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      Andkær Vig Holiday home, Andkær Vig

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