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Tengslemark Lyng is situated in Odsherred, where nature is beautiful and varying. You are not far from the harbor of Rørvig and the Havnebyen at Sjællands Odde, where you can buy fresh fish. Visit the many attractions, museums and amusements in the region. Tengslemark Lyng is a beautiful region, full of forests, of holiday homes by the Sejerø Bay that goes all the way from the little town of Lumsås close to Sjællands Odde to the north and the Høve Beach in the south. The region is close to Sjællands Odde with small cities with a special atmosphere, amusements and attractions.



When you rent a holiday home in Tenglemark Lyng, you will stay close to one of the best beaches in the Sejerø Bay. The beach is wide with dunes offering sheltering hollows on a windy day. The wide beach with fine sand and shallow water in the Sejerø Bay makes the beach extremely child-friendly and therefore suitable for families with small children. But please note that there are no parking facilities by the beach and no toilets.


Nature in Odsherred is extremely beautiful and embraces a lot of historical tracks such as e.g. megalithic tombs. The famous bronze age finding Solvognen was excavated in the Trudholm moor and you can see a copy of at in the Odsherred Museum. Geopark Odsherred is protected under UNESCO and is a big area consisting of three hills, the Vejrhøjbuen, the Vigbuen and the Højbybuen, all created during the ice age.


The golf club Mensalgård and the golf club Odsherred are both close to Tengslemark Lyng. The area is perfect for anglers because of the many good fishing grounds along the varying coastline. The Sejerø Bay is also an attraction to many sea kayak sailors. If you want to ride a bike, the area offers a range of marked paths and routes for MTBs. You could also enjoy nature on horseback; just visit the nearest riding centre close to Asnæs. If the wind conditions are right, the Sejerø Bay is a perfect place for wind and kitesurfers. If you bring your dog, let it lose in the fenced-in wood at Asnæs, in the Høve forest or the Grønnehave forest at Nykøbing Sjælland.


A lot of talented artists live in North Zealand and you are welcome to visit their galleries and exhibitions when you stay in a holiday home in Tengslemark Lyng. The Odsherred Museum of Art exhibits a big collection of the works of painters in Odsherred and it also presents temporary exhibitions (22 km). Look at more than 20 great fire engines and fire extinguishing equipment at the Odsherred Brandmuseum (22 km). The megalithic tomb by Højby has two chambers, a height of 4.5 m, a diameter of 26 m and was the tomb of 98 persons. There is an exhibition of the excavation at the nearby  Stenstrup Museum (2 km).  At the working mill museum of Lumsås Mølle you can see flour being ground in the old way (5 km). The Dragsholm castle in Hørve is the oldest castle in Denmark and you can see the original fortress from the early medieval times with its dungeon.

Excursion spots

You are 95 km away from Copenhagen with attractions such as e.g. museums, galleries and amusements as well as shops, eateries and the longest pedestrian road in Europe, the Strøget. You can visit attractions like Tivoli, Planetarium, Experimentarium, Carlsberg Glyptotek, Rosenborg Castle with the crown jewels, the Copenhagen Zoo and much more. It is also worth paying a visit to the animal park Odsherreds Zoo at Asnæs with more than 600 animals representing 100 species (14 km). Nykøbing Sjælland is a nice market town with a pedestrian street, all kinds of shops and outdoor cafés (10 km). Sommerland Sjælland offers more than 60 activities for the whole family; a nice canoe trip, a wild trip in the roller coaster or in the biggest waterworld on Zealand (11 km). From the Rørvig harbor you can take a trip on a cutter for e.g. a fishing trip or a seal safari (16 km).



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