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Strøby Egede is a cosy holiday house area and a lovely holiday town on the eastern coast of Sealand.


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Strøby Egede is situated in the bay ''Køge Bugt'', only a few km south of Køge, and surrounded by beach, forest and a river valley. The area is rich in sights, such as interesting coastlines, lovely nature, castles, estates, small and idyllic boat harbours and a rich artistic life. It is possible to buy groceries and dine in the area, and the nearest larger town is Køge, which is situated 8 km towards north.



You will find a fine and sandy beach with good bathing water all the way from Strøby Egede and into Køge.


The stream ''Tryggevælde Å'' flows behind the town and mounds in the bay ''Køge Bugt'', just north of Strøby Egede. Behind the town you will also find the small forest ''Pram Skov''. The castle ''Vallø Slot'' and its large forest areas are situated close to town, and the scenic forests invite walks and bicycle trips. By the shores, just south of Strøby Egede, you will find the area ''Gjorslev Bøgeskov'' - an old beechwood with i.a. 55 grave mounds and a number of walking paths. About 10 km towards south the 15 km long cliff ''Stevns Klint'' is situated. The white chalk cliffs raise more than 40 metres from the coast. Experience the remarkable cliff from the viewpoints or from the shore by Højerum, the limestone quarry ''Boesdal Kalkbrud'' or the chalk pit ''Holtug Kridtbrud''. From Rødvig to Boesdal you can walk along the beach. By ''Holtug Kridtbrud'' you will find a number of rare plants.


The area offers really good fishing opportunities, i.a. along the shores, on the sea or in the stream ''Tryggevælde Å'', which flows right behind Strøby Egede and mounds just north of the town. A number of golf courses are available in the area. You can try out the nearby courses of ''Køge Golf Klub'' (8 km), ''Herfølge Golf Klub'' (9 km) and ''Skovbo Golfklub'' by Borup (26 km). The long and lovely beach, the scenic forests and the nature in general with i.a. the cliff ''Stevns Klint'' invite walks as well as bicycle and riding trips.

Worth a visit

Visit Køge, which offers a cosy old quarter with beautiful houses from the 17th. century, an evocative marina, the museums ''Køge Skitsesamling'', ''Køge Museum'' and ''Køge Legetøjsmuseum'', a spellbinding church, a pedestrian street, marked days and more good restaurants (8 km). In Magleby you can experience a giant passage grave from the bronze age (11 km). The castle ''Gjorslev Slot'' is build out of limestone from the cliff ''Stevns Klint''. A moat and a lovely park in English style surround the castle. You can take part in a guided tour on the castle. Don''t miss the greatest tourist attraction of Stevns; the 15 km long and 41 m high chalk cliff ''Stevns Klint''. ''Flagbanken'' is the cliff''s most dramatic spot and offers a unique view. The nature centre ''Stevns Natur Center'' is situated by ''Flagbanken''. Furthermore, the old church, which is situated right at the edge of the cliff, is also worth a visit (20 km).

Excursion spots

Rødvig is a cosy harbour town with a fishing harbour, a marina as well as the interesting marine engine museum ''Rødvig Skibsmotormuseum'' (22 km). Visit the capital Copenhagen with the vivid culture life, museums, music, theatres, galleries, the pedestrian street ''Strøget'' and sights like the Tivoli, a planetarium, the adventure centre ''Eksperimentarium'', the art museum ''Carlsberg Glyptotek'', the castle ''Rosenborg Slot'' with the crown jewels, København Zoo and much more (37 km). Bonbonland in Holme-Olstrup offers more than 70 activities for the whole family, i.a. ''Vildsvinet'' - Denmark''s largest roller coaster, a rafting course, carousels, circus, children''s theatre, a pirate lake and much more (45 km).



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