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At the scenic island Sejerø you can experience a mind climate, a hilly landscape, many small bathing beaches as well as more ancient monuments.


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An hour’s sail from the town Havnsø, on the north-western part of Sealand, brings you to the quite unique island Sejerø. Sejerø is 11 km long and 2 km wide and offers an exceptional nature with rich vegetation and animal life, a mild climate, good bathing beaches, a lighthouse as well as burial mounds, a passage graves and a monolith. Sejerby is the main town of the island, and here you will find a grocery shop. Sejerø offers eateries around the island. For example in the cosy marina. At the western point of the island you will the lighthouse Sejerø Fyr, which is surrounded by lovely bathing beaches on both sides. When you spend your holiday in a holiday home on Sejerø, you will experience peace and quiet, but you can also engage yourselves in outdoor activities like e.g. cycling, hiking and kite flying. Sejerø is famous for its unspoiled nature, interesting animals and plants as well as its holiday home rental.



Sejerø offers more good bathing beaches with clean and child-friendly bathing water. You can swim by the fine beach Gniben Strand, next to one of the holiday home areas, or by Såen, where you will find a sandy beach, facing south. On both sides of the lighthouse Sejerø Fyr you can enjoy the lovely bathing beach. You can also visit the beach by Revet, which is especially beautiful in June, when the blueweed colours the landscape.


The largest attraction on Sejerø is nature. The landscape is very hilly along the shore with more than 40 hills. The highest point is Kongshøj, which stands 30 metre above the sea. In the eastern end of the island you will find a 4 km long gravel bank, which ends in an underwater hill, Kolen. You can touch the bottom far out on Kolen, but after the hill, the water is suddenly 10 metres deep. Sejerø is the home of the rare bird black guillemot, which live on the cliffs of the island. The black guillemot only lives on Sejerø and the nearby island Samsø. Furthermore, you can experience large birds of prey like buzzards, kites and owls on the island. As no predators live on Sejerø, animals like roe deer, hares, pheasants and wild peacocks thrive here. In the winter you can often see seals from the shore, and in the summer, porpoise swim past Sejerø.


Sejerø is an ideal holiday destination, when you wish to combine peace and quiet with outdoor activities, as nature surrounds your holiday home. You can hike and cycle round the island on your own and you can rent bicycles on the farm Tinggården. You can follow a walking path from the northern cliff, Nordre Klint, along the path, Kongshøjstien, on top of the cliffs and enjoy the scenic views. But you can also to hiking with a nature guide, who will show you, where the black guillemot comes out of the nest holes in the cliff near Lindehoved. Sejerø is an Eldorado for anglers, who can fish along the whole shore. Here you catch countless fish, like e.g. trout, plaice, cod, mackerel, turbot and Dover sole. If you wish to experience Sejerø from a horsebag, you can go on a guided ride on Icelandic horses in the scenic nature around Mastrup year round. Children can also try a guided ride in the forest or by the beach from the farm Kongshøjgård.

Worth a visit

On Sejerø you can experience relics in the shape of burial mounds from the bronze age, a long barrow on the northern tip of the island as well a monolith. Visit the 19 metres high yellow lighthouse Sejerø Fyr, which was built in 1852 on the north-western point Gniben. The lighthouse is situated just 2 metres from the slope, and you can enter the lighthouse together with the lighthouse keeper. In clear weather you can see all the way to Jutland from here. In the culture house Sejerø Kulturhus you can see varying exhibitions. Sejerø Museum has been established as a grocery shop from the old days and behind the shop you can experience an art exhibition by artists, who are associated with Sejerø. The church Sejerø Kirke from the year 1300 is open during the day, and you can enter the church tower.

Excursion spots

In connection with the ferry trip to Sejerø you can make a stop in the ferry town Havnsø. Here you can experience the Dutch mill from 1822 and enjoy the cosy atmosphere in the harbour. 9 km from Havnsø you can visit Denmark’s oldest castle, Dragsholm Slot. Here you can see a dungeon in the original fortress from the early medieval times and have an interactive insight into the past of the area – all the way back to the ice age. The castle is surrounded by a beautiful park. Near Dragsholm Slot you can also experience the nature park Geopark Odsherred, which is a unique and very scenic nature area with an interesting geological heritage.



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