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Reersø is a cosy and quiet holiday area, surrounded by lovely nature, on the western coast of Sealand.


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The village Reersø on the peninsular of the same name has an idyllic village environment with old farms thatched roofs, which are situated close against each other and haven''t changed since the 18th. century. Enjoy the atmosphere in the small harbour and marina as well as the scenic nature, which invites long walks. The holiday home area is located 9 km from the small town Gørlev and 26 km from the bigger town Kalundborg. In both towns you will find good shopping opportunities, but you can also buy groceries within a radius of 4 km from your holiday home.

Lovely bathing water by the beach in the holiday home area Reersø on the western part of Sealand Volley net on the sandy beach by the holiday homes in Reersø Idyllic and well-maintained inn in the village Reersø In Reersø you will find a large and cosy marina


The beach of Mullerup (5 km) is a lovely, sandy beach with Blue Flag. On the northern side of the peninsular Reersø you will find a small bay 'Reersø Nordstrand' with an extremely good bathing beach with white, fine sand. A beach volley course is also available here (6 km). The beach of Bjerge (13 km) is divided into 'Bjerge Sydstrand' (the southern part of the beach) and 'Bjerge Nordstrand' (the northern part of the beach). They are both lovely and sandy bathing beaches with clear water and Blue Flag. 'Bjerge Sydstrand' is especially suitable for children, as no undercurrent appear here and as the sandy bottom is only slightly sloping. By low tide small, sandy islands arise on the beach. In the southern part of 'Bjerge Sydstrand' a beach volley course and a playground are available. Besides swimming, beach volley, walks and beach activities, the conditions here are also good for windsurfing, sailing and angling.


The holiday house area is surrounded by forests and preserved areas, and the coast is characterized by dunes, sand and salt meadows. The peninsular has a quite unique nature. You will get the best impression when you follow the paths Kløverstierne around the island. The path Dronningerunden, 2,4 km, leads you through the old part of twon and down to the harbour. Det åbne Landskab, 5,4 km, is a perfect exercise route. Flasken, 7,5 km, leads you from the town centre and down to the water’s edge. Øen rundt, 10 km, presents the scenic nature of Reersø. In the eastern part you will find 3 wetlands; Flasken, Skiften and Vejlen, with a rich birdlife and an interesting flora. The beautiful Tissø is Denmark’s 4th largest lake, which you can experience 23 km from Reersø.


The bay Musholm Bugt and the western part of the peninsular Reersø is very suitable for angling, but also the stream Halleby Å and the canal Sukkerkanalen, which both flows from the lake Tissø to the beach of Bjerge, offer good fishing possibilities. Furthermore, a number of good fishing spots are available along the shore, and the spot by the cliff Bjerge Klint is a very recommendable spot - especially by low tide. In the lake Tissø you are able to catch freshwater fish. Golf players can try out the courses in Korsør (30 km), Kalundborg (33 km) and Sorø (42 km). Because of the long and good beach, the area invites various forms of activities on the beach and on the water.

Worth a visit

The versatile agricultural museum ''Fløjgården'' contains a large, private collection of agricultural machines from the period 1850-1950. The heavy, Belgian draught horses of the farm work at special occasions - hitched to old carriages and implements (2 km). On Reersø you can also experience the small and interesting Reersø Museum – a farm house from the 18th century, the car museum Reersø Amerikanerbil Museum with app. 70 great cars from the years 1947-1995, the idyllic old house Fårehuset and the monuments in the bog Mullerup Mose, which indicate the places, where finds from the hunters and fishermen of the Stone Age changed the Danish history. Around Bjerge (13 km) you will find more passage graves, like Regnarshøj by Bjerge and Rævehøj, from which you can enjoy a magnificent view of the Great Belt. At the eastern shore of Tissø no less than 7 manor houses with beautiful avenues are situated (14 km).

Excursion spots

Visit the vivid commercial town Kalundborg with the interesting harbour environment, the quite unique mediaeval quarter with narrow streets and well-preserved, half-timbered houses, Denmark's only church with 5 towers, the many exhibitions, the cosy town centre as well as 'Kalundborg Museum' (26 km). The garden 'Birkegårdens Haver' by Tågerup is a scenic experience and a joy for both the eye and the nose. See an English, a Japanese and a Danish garden as well as a fold with domestic animals (28 km). Go on a ferry trip from Havnsø (43 km) to the island Sejerø, which has a scenic nature, more grave mounds and a monolith. In the zoo 'Odsherreds Zoo Dyrepark' by Asnæs you can experience 600 animals, divided on 100 species (55 km). The amusement park 'Sommerland Sjælland' offers more than 60 activities for the whole family, like a cosy canoe trip, a wild ride in the roller coaster or a visit to the largest water world in Sealand (71 km).



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