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Korsør is situated beautifully by the Great Belt and for hundreds of years the city has been a central sea crossing city between Funen and Zealand. Korsør consists of two parts, Halsskov, to the north of the harbour and Sydbyen to the south of the Korsør harbour. Korsør is an active and developing city with e.g. good eating places, a culture house, the oldest cinema in Denmark and the Korsør fortress. Korsør is situated close to wonderful beaches and woods offering multiple ways of enjoying nature.



The Ceres beach is at the southern part of Korsør and close to the city and a supermarket. There is a beach with a green meadow, parking spaces and toilets. The beach itself has wooden piers, fire rings, tables and benches and beach volley. The Korsør beach is a continuation of the Ceres beach. The surroundings of the beach are calm and with a view to Stigsnæs, Agersø and Omø. The Knivkær beach faces north and is situated in the northern coastal area of Korsør. Here you have the most wonderful view to the Great Belt bridge. The beach is child-friendly with a wooden pier and a nice, sandy beach with a cliff. There is a beach volley field as well as toilets by the parking space. The Granskoven beach is also in the northern part of Korsør and is a very popular beach in the summer period. The forest beach Korsør Lystskov and the Quistgårdsvej beach are both suitable for wheelchair users.


Korsør Lystskov is a beautiful beech forest with a rich wildlife and vegetation. In the forest, you can find several dolmens and barrows There is a fine path system in the forest and at a corner of the forest you find an off-leash dog park.
Nature has taken over the old clay pits round Korsør Nor and this is a place to enjoy bird life and plants by the many, beautiful waterholes. Mute swans, grebes and shelducks breed in the area along with a lot of other species of birds. 
The beaches at the Lejsøen and the Lejodden consist of beautiful, untouched nature with lots of breeding birds and an abundance of plants. Taking into consideration the breeding period of the birds, please respect the instructions of the signboards.


For yachtsmen, the conditions are perfect, as the Korsør harbour is really a well-positioned harbour.  You are close to the South Funen Archipelago and the Smålandshavet Archipelago. 
Also, anglers profit from the great variety of fishing water close to Korsør. You find good angling spots at Korsør, e.g. the inner harbour of Korsør, Halskov Rev and Lejodden. Korsør Lystskov is a popular angling spot to a lot of local anglers. Good angling facilities, a fire ring on the beach and good toilets.
In the Korsør Lystskov you find a marked path system, suitable for a run or a walk. Good possibilities to experience the varying nature by Korsør on a bike trip.

Worth a visit

The Kongegåren in Korsør is a luxurious building, several hundred years old, that used to be a place for the King for an overnight stay, when he was going to cross the Great Belt to get to Funen. If you visit the Kongegaarden today, you will see a permanent exhibition by the local artist Harald Isenstein and different temporary exhibitions as well as concerts etc.
The fortress in Korsør was built in the 1100s by the Crown as a guard against enemies from the south. The fortress tower dates back to the 1200s and is all that is left of the Korsør castle. Apart from the tower, the fortress consists of a magazine building, a gun carriage, a guard house and a commandant''s house. 
Korsør Miniby shows the city as it looked in 1875 and is a precise copy of the harbour, buildings and streets. The houses, in the scale of 1:10, are made to the finest detail at a small workshop in Korsør.

Excursion spots

The Viking castle, the Trelleborg by Slagelse is a Viking castle dating back a 1000 year. The museum exhibits findings from excavations (tools, weapon, dresses etc.) and reconstructions (approx. 15 km). Visit the peninsula of Reersø with lovely, timber-framed houses with thatched roofs from the 1700s, a cosy harbour and the Reersø Museum. Enjoy the spectacular nature full of bird life and a series of artisans'' workshops and exhibitions (approx. 36 km). Skælskør is a nice little seaport with beautiful old houses and a unique, quiet atmosphere. You find lovely, small shops selling ceramics and local raw materials (approx. 15 km). To the south of Skælskør is the beautiful manor of Borreby that offers a lot of events and concerts all year round, and you could also go on an exciting guided tour (approx. 18 km).



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